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Sixers co-owner announces Meek Mill is free
How America's largest local TV owner turned its news anchors into soldiers in Trump's war on the media:
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NEW: Sean Hannity revealed as secret owner behind shell companies that have spent $90m buying 870+ homes across the US – with help from HUD and foreclosures
The youngest Chik-fil-A owner in history, at 26 yrs old Ashley Derby opened her first location and now a 2nd location on Thursday! I repeat, 26YRS OLD!!! 😲😁😁😁💖🎈 #TFG #Entrepreneurs #WomenEntrepreneur #restaurantowner #restauranteur #blackwomen
VIRAL VIDEO: A dog didn't recognize his owner who lost 50 pounds after 5 weeks in a hospital----until he sniffed him
Soooooo need a new profile picture cos the owner of the last photo was crying ! Ha
This is no small thing from @SacramentoKings owner Vivek Randivé after the team's game was disrupted by those protesting local police killing an unarmed man in his own grandmother's backyard.
Listen to what he says, and compare that to what we've heard from owners in other sports
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So in all the breathless excitement of Meek Mill being free, let’s not lose sight of what happens to those who do not have a famous NFL owner, famous rappers or athletes calling for their release. Sobering reminder from @AkeemBrowderNYC
SECRET RECORDING from @NFL owners meeting: "Many of us have no interest in supporting President TRUMP,” @Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said, describing Trump's presidency as "*&%$# disastrous,” then adding: “Don’t quote me.”
Congratulations (?) to the owner of the one bracket out of 17.3 million who has gone 0 for 20 so far in Tournament Challenge.
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