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Bury FC: Police have begun an investigation into alleged fraud following a complaint; it is reported not to relate to Steve Dale's time as the club's owner.

Steve Dale, the owner of Bury, has received payments of more than £115,000 from the stricken football club’s accounts since the start of the year, according to documents seen by The Times | @Matt_Lawton_DM  @martynziegler 

How Bury’s owner took 23 payments totalling £115,000 out of the club while players were going unpaid. Steve Dale says it was to pay third parties. Investigation by @Matt_Lawton_DM  and myself

Awful seeing the League One table with 23 clubs and no Bury FC. Club was formed in 1885, members of the Football League for 125 years through every tumult of history; gone now after nine months under £1 owner Steve Dale.

Bury FC: Understand the EFL has told the @ForeverBury  supporters trust that the League did apply its rules correctly leading to the club's expulsion. £1 owner Steve Dale had failed for months to show proof of funding, and the club was insolvent. @EFL  standing firm.

Bury owner Steve Dale says club are only banned THIS SEASON in explosive statement

Bury owner Steve Dale posts open letter to supporters and slams EFL chief Debbie Jevans

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Bury owner Steve Dale posts explosive open letter to supporters and slams EFL chief Debbie Jevans

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Bury owner Steve Dale says club only banned THIS SEASON in explosive statement

Put it to EFL supremo Debbie Jevans earlier that the fact Bury owner Steve Dale was able to buy the club without proof of funds showed the system of checks was notworking...she told me she wants the League to have more power to prevent a repeat:


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Bury FC Crisis: Company which bought £7m debt for £70,000 and now wants £1.75m for it, reportedly owned by partner of daughter of club owner Steve Dale. Jaw-dropping detail in the wreckage of this football club.

BREAKING: Bury's home game against Gillingham on Saturday has been suspended by the EFL after owner Steve Dale failed to provide evidence of financial viability.

MUST LISTEN! 📻 Bury midfielder Stephen Dawson says he’ll lose everything due to unpaid wages. #BuryFC  owner Steve Dale claims Dawson has been paid. We put Dale and Dawson on-air together to clear things up. You have to take 10 minutes to hear this incredible clash...

@buryfcofficial  owner Steve Dale tells @tonylivesey  he “didn’t even know there was a football club called Bury.” He also gives advice to Bury fans saying they need to “not show themselves up by disgraceful behaviour when they’re full of beer.”

BREAKING: Bury FC Crisis: The proposed purchase by C & N Sporting Risk is OFF; owner Steve Dale was given until 5pm today for it to complete or the club would be expelled from the Football League, so this really could be the end.

Bury owner Steve Dale has told Sky Sports News that four parties are interested in saving the club from liquidation, with Sky sources saying one party is in advanced discussions.

Owner Steve Dale tells BBC Radio Manchester he has agreed a deal to sell Bury as an EFL deadline for their possible expulsion approaches. More:

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Sky Sports News: Bury FC owner Steve Dale has accepted a takeover offer from a London-based consortium but the deal still requires approval from the English Football League

EXCLUSIVE: Bury owner Steve Dale asks fans and businesses to pledge £2.7m by TONIGHT to save #BuryFC  from EFL expulsion