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@lkx47 : "Outwork yourself; don't think about outworking another person." ✨

Gonna write ultimate ldrshp book/5 sentences total: (1) Permanently carry positve attitude—especially when dodo hits the fan. (2) Outwork every other human being. (3) You never understand more than 7.4% of any other human being. (4) Your judgement sucks. (5) Give a shit. Always.

Gem of the night from @willpowerpacker  - “Don’t let anyone outwork you.“ #ElevateHer2019 

Donegan: "Now they're starting to put the foot down. It's sixth versus eighteenth and it's starting to look that way!" The Piesoutwork the Suns and it ends in an easy Mihocek goal. Coll 85 GC 32 #AFLPiesSuns 

. @RashidaTlaib  in @PostOpinions  : While Trump tweets, I will work for the people who sent me here[...] Hateful, bigoted or racist tweets won’t stop me, nor will they stop our democracy. I will always outwork the hate.

@Bill_Inacio  I like your additions. But 2-4 stay. Dead on. I am not the smartest guy in the room, but there are damn few people, if any, who can outwork me. And if you don't think your judgement sucks ... God help you.

No one will outwork me n that’s on lifeeeee

I won’t eat a lick of Nigerian jollof rice but you have to give props to our 9ja family. They will OUTWORK you lol. 🤷🏿‍♂️🙏🏿😭

If you can't outplay them, outwork them. -Ben Hogan


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Don't overwork yourself, outwork yourself.

Alexandria, this reminds me of a photo of Obama in 2008 when he was running for President. When I saw this picture of Barack, I knew he was going to win because there was no doubt that he was going to outwork, out-hustle his opponent. And he did. And so did you! Congrats!

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Outwork your competitors. Be aggressive & smart when executing on your goals. Aways look for reasons to be grateful. #SuccessTrifecta 

"They didn't outplay us, they didn't outwork us, I thought both teams were in a slug fest tonight." -Kevin Durant

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Hate to break it to you SEC fan boys... Bama doesn't cheat. They just outwork and out coach your ass every fall. Own it. #sabanisking 

Raise the bar, outwork the competition and wake up at a "you gotta be sh*ttin' me" hour to workout. #445AM  #LetsRoll 

Schumer has caricatured himself w/ over the top mendacity & petty partisanship will outwork & outsmart him at every turn #MAGA  #Dobbs 

Show up, rely on your own two hands, outwork em all and peace out. #FinishStrongFriday 

Insane? Yeah. Step closer to the goals? Yeah. Willing to outwork my competitors? Hell yeah. 3:20am. Cardio starts now. #RaiseTheBar