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Despite all the faux outrage from Team Biden and his pearl-clutching supporters on Twitter, this piece from one of America’s top anti-corruption campaigners @ZephyrTeachout ⁩ is fair, fact-filled and a #mustread :

Comedian @harleybreen  on the phrase he needs to stop saying around his 3-year-old, the reason he finds outrage at outrage culture hilarious, and what we can expect from his latest show, 'Only Words'. Tickets:

A Chinese theme park has apologised after facing domestic and international outrage for forcing a pig off a bungee jump platform as a publicity stunt.

Pavan K. Varma, National Gen Secy of Janata Dal (United): I've written to CM Nitish Kumar⁩ today asking him how JD(U) has formed an alliance with BJP for #DelhiElections , given his own views on BJP&the massive national outrage against divisive CAA,NPR&NRC scheme

Harrowing videos of a pig being shoved off a bungee tower in China drew outrage in a country where animal rights activism is a relatively new and growing phenomenon

A CRE (Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacterales) outbreak at Tembisa Hospital’s neonatal unit resulted in the deaths of 10 babies and yet there's no outrage. No calls for legal action and storming of the hospital. #SouthAfricanMorning  with @XoliMngambi  and @janedutton  #DStv403 

Pig pushed off bungee jump tower stirs outrage in China

Veterans group's criticism over Bible in Space Force ceremony sparks outrage.


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A classic Russian ploy is to sow division and distrust between natural allies. So when you see overblown outrage trending on Twitter, ask yourself WWPW (what would Putin want) and maybe breathe and let the hashtag pass.

Thank you to Rick Scott. This Impeachment Hoax is an outrage!

Outrage is growing in the Great State of Minnesota where our Patriots are now having to fight for the right to say the Pledge of Allegiance. I will be fighting with you! @foxandfriends 

So where are all the missing Text messages between fired FBI agents Peter S and the lovely Lisa Page, his lover. Just reported that they have been erased and wiped clean. What an outrage as the totally compromised and conflicted Witch Hunt moves ever so slowly forward. Want them!

Congress voted 517-5 to impose sanctions on Russia. The President decides to ignore that law. Folks that is a constitutional crisis. There should be outrage in every corner of this country.

Outrage! Judge Day ordered release of a white supremacist who threatened to kill me, Speaker Pelosi, Leader Schumer, Rep. AOC, Rep. Omar, pres candidates, & journalists! 15 guns found in his home & he has ties to other neo-Nazis. Why is Barr silent? What must we do? My statement:

Brexit latest: Outrage as people who voted to abolish free movement discover that abolishing free movement means movement will no longer be free.

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Just remember this. Before all the extended community outrage against Logan Paul’s “we found a dead body” video, there was a seemingly uncontested 550-600,000 likes on it. His core audience doesn’t give a fuuuuuuck. Unless youtube does something, this doesn’t hurt him.

My advice today: focus 10% of your attention/outrage on Sessions testimony, 90% on the secret health care bill that is speeding to a vote.

The United States is virtually the only country on earth that allows pharmaceutical companies to jack up the price of a life-saving cancer drug by 1,400%. This is an outrage.