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.@FoxNews "Outgoing CIA Chief, John Brennan, blasts Pres-Elect Trump on Russia threat. Does not fully understand." Oh really, couldn't do...
me on my resume: im friendly, outgoing, and have a bright, bubbly personality!

me at the interview:
A lot of people assume I'm supposed to be some crazy outgoing person & when I'm quiet they think I don't like them or I'm mean
George Bush, Sr.'s great outgoing letter to Bill Clinton. The problem is, it's impossible to imagine Trump being ma…
8 months
A new CNN/ORC poll finds Obama's approval rating now stands at 60% - the third-highest of any outgoing president
BREAKING: Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses outgoing US administration of trying to undermine Trump's legitimacy.
Outgoing French president Francois Hollande strikes bizarre poses in photoshoot
Outgoing ethics chief accuses Reince Priebus of making ‘explicit threat’ to silence his complaints about Trump
I commend outgoing Gov. Kidero for conceding defeat and handing over peacefully which is a show of mature politics and love to the nation.
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