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do you spend your entire life on the internet *cough* but wish it was a bit nicer? JOIN OUR CRUSADE FOR JUSTICE
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Our NICER mission just began 18-month study to observe the densest objects in the universe using X-ray measurements:
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Are Instagram's new filters a look at a nicer future, or a censored one? Read our brand new cover story
Our NICER mission that'll study neutron stars & space navigation preps for early 2017 launch
A view of our dinner table. Very roomy, as people can also float above! Other than the wall color, I couldn’t have picked a nicer kitchen
The most fundamental truth of life? People are pretty nice (nicer than we think) - writer @rcbregman with our latest #viewsnight
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.@ChrisStirewalt: Everybody ought to be a little nicer to each other...behave themselves a little better & more worthy of our heritage
Mondays are a lot nicer after a win to secure our spot in the playoffs. Have a good one, Ravens Nation!
Our imaginings of gods started out scary and got nicer over time. Maybe we'll think about AI in the same way.
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