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When will the Democrats give us our Attorney General and rest of Cabinet! They should be ashamed of themselves! No wonder D.C. doesn't work!
Finally held our first full @Cabinet meeting today. With this great team, we can restore American prosperity and bring real change to D.C.
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Praying for these kids and there family's in d.c and around the world.
We gotta be more safe. Protect our kids. There the future
Thank you to our amazing Wounded Warriors for their service. It was an honor to be with them tonight in D.C. #Heroes
Just leaving D.C. Had great meetings with Republicans in the House and Senate. Very interesting day! These are people who love our country!
The real power does not reside in Washington, D.C. It lives in each and every one of us. And it is up to us to take our country back.
Heading to D.C. to see and hear ROLLING THUNDER. Amazing people that LOVE OUR COUNTRY. Great spirit!
If you live in or near D.C. and care about our democracy, protest outside the White House today at noon.
.@POTUS dances with @FLOTUS at The Salute To Our Armed Services Inaugural Ball in Washington, D.C. #Trump45 #inauguration
.@MaxineWaters has taken over our Instagram for the day at the D.C. #TaxMarch. Follow our story at
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