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Just running 4 VMs with @BoxesGNOME , recording with OBS and running a backup on my @system76  Oryx Pro. Regardless of what distro I put on here, it's a damn fine machine!

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On the distro-hopping front, I will say that @PeppermintOS  now has a permanent home on my Dell XPS 13. It's such a lightweight (but attractive) distro and the battery gains are noticeable. Don't think it will work out on my Oryx Pro though.

Today I learned @ubuntu_mate  has a more elegant solution for @nvidia  hybrid graphics switching on my Oryx Pro than ... @system76  has? You can switch between Intel graphics and Nvidia dedicated GPU WITHOUT having to reboot (just log out/in). And you can choose On-Demand. WOW!

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I've had this Pop OS installation for 6 months (amazingly) and I've tinkered around SO MUCH with it. I may just install 19.10 clean today. Besides, I want to carve out some room on the Oryx Pro to play with @ubuntu_mate  19.10 and the Nvidia hybrid support. The plan is set!

@SeanFitzy007  @gnome7  @ubuntu  Right? Hell it feels almost like it's installed on my Oryx Pro already! Then once it IS, it's just lighting fast. Incredible.

I'll be honest with you. If Gears 5 & Halo: MCC don't work on Steam Proton, I'm throwing Windows on my Oryx Pro for awhile. Both these franchises in Steam with crazy powerful hardware and Ultrwawide Freesync? That's a temptation I won't be able to resist. Just the truth.

Yep, every time. It's even part of the dialogue. And this is on an Oryx Pro.

Day 2: PROGRESS! I managed to get an idea down onto @Bitwig  . Sloppy as hell but don't care. The audio is all working! Perhaps best of all, this is on my @system76  Oryx Pro laptop, so this machine is TRULY handling all my needs now :D 🐧🎸 #Linux  #MusicProduction 

It took a minute, but my @system76  Oryx Pro has finally become my "do everything" system and I couldn't be happier. Podcasting@Linux4Everyone !), gaming (thank you @LutrisGaming  and #Proton ), writing, working, chatting, brainstorming world domination ... I love this machine.

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I recently put Windows 10 on the @system76  Oryx Pro. YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT :P (Seriously though, worth a read!)


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Right now I'm looking at my @system76  Oryx Pro gaming benchmarks. Windows vs Pop!_OS with latest @nvidia  drivers on each. And guess what? 2 native #Linux  games AND 2 games via Steam Proton (*not* whitelisted!) are outperforming their @Windows  counterparts.

Sorry not sorry for this episode title 🤣 @archlinux  headlines our new episode of @ChooseLinux , plus you'll hear my first impressions of the @system76  Oryx Pro!

The @system76  Oryx Pro is working flawlessly running Ubuntu Gnome 16.04.1. I'll have a full review tomorrow on The New Screen Savers