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Lack of social distancing enforcement, information, and crowded living conditions means coronavirus is spreading faster in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods than anywhere else in Israel

Coronavirus cases in Israeli ultra-Orthodox hotspot increase by nearly a third overnight

Residents 'climbing the walls' as Orthodox'>Ultra-Orthodox city insulates overnight to combat virus


Israeli police have used a drone, helicopter and stun grenades to prevent the spread of coronavirus within the country’s ultra-OrthodoxJewish community

Rabbi Barry Freundel, a once-prominent Orthodox'>Modern Orthodox rabbi in #Washington , D.C., who was convicted for secretly videotaping women in his synagogue’s mikvah, is scheduled to be released early from prison due to the #coronavirus .

Israel's ultra-OrthodoxJews in fight over virus rules

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An Israeli policeman removes an ultra-OrthodoxJewish youth from a synagogue before it is closed by police as they enforce coronavirus lockdown restrictions in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem. More photos of the day: 📷 Ronen Zvulun

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Five rabbis from an ultra-OrthodoxJewish community in New Jersey have died from the coronavirus. Despite the town's high infection rate, some residents have prioritized religious gatherings over "stay at home" orders.

Israel's ultra-OrthodoxJews in fight over virus rules

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Opa! Tom Hanks, who co-produced "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" with his part-Greek wife, Rita Wilson, joined the Orthodox Church'>Greek Orthodox Church and regularly vacations in Greece, has received honorary Greek citizenship.

“The Exclusive@Ami_Magazine  Poll, What Orthodox Jews really think about President Trump” @JakeTurx 

I address a special thought to the brothers of the Eastern Churches, Catholic and Orthodox, who today celebrate the Lord's Christmas. To all I wish the light and peace of Christ the Saviour.

"I really don't see the point of comedy unless there's something underpinning it." Chris Morris says satire is not about being "slapped on the back by the orthodox elite", it's about wanting to "change something".

Tomorrow I will go to Romania as a pilgrim, to walk together with our brothers of the Romanian Orthodox Church and with the Catholic faithful. I ask you, please, to pray for me.

PSA: A synagogue being “conservative” is not a statement about the political beliefs of its members. Conservatism is a denomination within Judaism akin to Reform, Orthodox, Reconstructionist. It has Zero to do with how one feels about the GOP or Trump or whatever.

The next time anybody asks me about my religion, I think I’ll reply “Geek Orthodox

Yes, if there's one thing I'm known for -- as one of the most prominent Orthodox Jews, targets of the alt-right, and critics of the alt-right in America -- it's directing Nazis to attack synagogues. What garbage.

Let us remember our Christian brothers and sisters of the East, Catholics and Orthodox, who are celebrating Christmas today.