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Health Minister deflects when asked whether senior MPs should still accept 11.8% pay rise at a time when so many people are losing their jobs. Opposition Leader@michaelobrienmp  says MP pay should be frozen #springst 

@LRC_NDTV  | Is the BJP open to accept a person, who has bashed the govt so many times by standing in the opposition? We ask BJP leader Yashodhara Raje. More on and NDTV 24x7

#Mayawati First Opposition Leader To Accept #AmitShah  's Challenge For Public Debate On #CitizenshipAmendmentAct 

The measure of a great leader is how he accepts criticism & opposition. Our country is no longer governed by a great leader who has the dignity & maturity to accept critique, our country is run by one that cowers in front of media & sends goons to attack students. #HanikarakBJP 

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'No negotiation': Bolivia opposition leader says strikers will not accept talks

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn to 'man up' and accept a snap election as EU members delayed a decision on how long to postpone next week's Brexit deadline

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accept such a motion from anyone but leader of official opposition. But this is the least conventional government in modern times. So maybe that will be the route. I understand SNP considering such a move. Since the SNP and Tories - and maybe the LibDems - all agree...

"When a government collapses, the leader of the main opposition party is called upon" Jeremy Corbyn is challenged on whether he would accept a caretaker government led by Ken Clarke or Harriet Harman, if it meant avoiding a no-deal #Brexit 

Nitish’s decision to accept the opposition leader’s invitation comes amid the reports of strained ties between the ruling BJP and JD(U).

Report: Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido said he was open to accept a US military intervention to help manage the political emergency in his country.


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SNP's Stewart Hosie accuses Theresa May of inviting Jeremy Corbyn "to become the co-owner of her #Brexit  failure", asking: "Had she been the leader of the opposition and invited into a trap like this, would she have been foolish enough to accept?" #PMQs 

NEW: Following defeat of Theresa May's Brexit plan, opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn says, "They must now accept their clearly dead." "Maybe it's time instead we had a general election."

#Turkey opposition #CHP  & 'no' leader #Aksener  say they do not accept this result, challenging validity of some votes. This could get messy

Israeli opposition leader: "We must be ready to accept American Jews fleeing anti-Semitism"

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Opposition CHP leader Kilicdaroglu: "We absolutely do not accept a new military coup. Supporting democracy is everybody's duty."

PM: With full support of the Deputy PM & Leader of the Opposition, I accept the Holocaust Commission recommendations