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In Opinion Who won and who lost during the latest Democratic primary debate? Our Opinion writers ranked the candidates' performances.

The most important thing you will read today: In endorsement of fascist billboards, Nave Dromi showed her true face. And that of Israel - Opinion - Israel News |

OPINION: Minority cannot govern the majority through anarchy | @RonaldLamola 

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Opinion: With four leading presidential contenders in their 70s, the VP slot has never been more meaningful

$BTCUSD 12hr Chart: Yes, the 12hr trend is up but the overall trend (the main trend) is down. And it is still my opinion that any price move above or back above 10k, is a bull-trap. The real direction is down, longer-term where price will eventually give back all of 2017 gains.

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OPINION | Whoever is the Democratic standard-bearer will have a rough road to the White House: Donald Trump is more likely to win re-election than not. But Sanders or Bloomberg, if successful, could move the country forward, writes @errollouis 


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....badly tainted and, in my opinion, should be thrown out. Even Mueller’s statement to Congress that he did not see me to become the FBI Director (again), has been proven false. The whole deal was a total SCAM. If I wasn’t President, I’d be suing everyone all over the place...

Bitches ain't gettin money, but they got an opinion!

“Schiff blasted for not focusing on California homeless.” @foxandfriends  His District is in terrible shape. He is a corrupt pol who only dreams of the Impeachment Hoax. In my opinion he is mentally deranged!

Susan Rice, who was a disaster to President Obama as National Security Advisor, is now telling us her opinion on what to do in Syria. Remember RED LINE IN THE SAND? That was Obama. Millions killed! No thanks Susan, you were a disaster.

I'm also wearing a plaid train conductor's hat so why the hell are you trusting my 10yo opinion??? #IWasAMess 

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I also don't know enough about sports to Really have valid opinion but I do enjoy sports!! And enjoy any high level sports game. Any team

Let’s make a new start as the year ends. Let’s eliminate the contractors of opinion. Let’s have India speak its mind minus self-appointed spokespersons.I’m starting a weekly poll on issues that touch your life. Question of this week: Do you support the Citizenship Amendment Act?

...opinion, they’re Americans. Now I’m entitled to my opinion, & I just think they’re left wing cranks. They’re the reason there are directions on a shampoo bottle, & we should ignore them. The “squad” has moved the Democrat Party substantially LEFT, and.....

“It’s my opinion as a lawyer that the Articles of Impeachment are defective on their face, which means I would like to see a Motion to Dismiss and have this disbursed without the necessity of a trial. I don’t think there should be a trial. I think it should be dismissed....