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Where was Meryl Streep when Obama was prosecuting whistleblowers & bombing weddings? (Op-Edge by @DanielleRyanJ)
10 months
‘US doesn’t want #Afghanistan war to end – it's cash cow for Pentagon, contractors’ (Op-Edge)
West eyes recolonization of Africa by endless war; removing Gaddafi was just first step (Op-Edge by Dan Glazebrook)
Media suspiciously quiet on US & UK-backed Saudi atrocities in Yemen (Op-Edge)
‘Sucking up to Saudis is long US tradition, every president does it’ (Op-Edge)
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11 months
‘Syrian rebels, not the Assad govt, have motive to use chemical weapons’ - ex-CIA officer Philip Giraldi (Op-Edge)
We get impression UK govt is deliberately destroying evidence in Skripal case – Russian Ambassador @Amb_Yakovenko (Op-Edge)
'7 years ago today, NATO began its 'humanitarian bombing' of #Libya' (Op-Edge by Daniel Kovalik)
Two strategies: Russia hits ISIS command, US hits Afghan hospital (Op-Edge by @Robert_Bridge)
'Damning evidence': In Syrian war, not only #ISIS, but #AlQaeda consistently had US high-tech equipment' (Op-Edge)
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