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#GenZ males see sexual interaction as digital which is completely inseparable from the internet Op-Ed by Peter Andrews

One thing is certain this #ValentinesDay : the cam girls will be working double shifts, and the porn websites can expect to see their traffic spike Op-Ed by Peter Andrews

Why is there such a disaster in sex and relationships, with men & women seemingly more alienated from each other than they ever have been before? Op-Ed by Peter Andrews

Something changed during Nixon’s era. After him, very small changes in voter opinions have led to major swings towards more extreme candidates Op-ed by Peter Andrews

Whether it’s down to changes to the party primary system, scandals like Watergate or the Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton affair or to complex sociological trends, America has gotten more polarized in recent decades Op-ed by Peter Andrews

As the electorate radicalizes, they would rather let the candidate from the opposite camp win than to support their own moderate Op-ed by Peter Andrews

‘One who didn’t know better might say that plummeting testosterone levels are at once the cause of and a perfect metaphor for an existential crisis in American masculinity’ Op-Ed by Peter Andrews


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