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The Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2020 will be announced today. Omar Vizquel is still on the ballot, so does he deserve to get in? RT for yes. Favorite for no. Photo: The Plain Dealer.

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I am the pitcher and the fact-checker is my shortstop. Some of them are Omar Vizquel. I am grateful for all of them.

If Omar Vizquel did back flips or had a catchy nickname he would already be in the Hall of Fame.

The reaction from fan bases vary wildly when I don't vote for their favorite player on my Hall of Fame ballot. So, a GIF thread ... Omar Vizquel fans ...

Here's another question I raised in this column: Omar Vizquel roared past the 50% plateau yesterday. History says that should almost guarantee he gets elected to the Hall. But is he such a polarizing candidate that historical trends don't apply?

Social media reacts to Cleveland Indians legend Omar Vizquel falling short of election to Baseball Hall of Fame

Baseball Hall of Fame voting: Omar Vizquel, Scott Rolen and other players who made gains on 2020 ballot

Didn't Vote For Derek Jeter Excuse Power Rankings 4. "If Babe Ruth wasn't unanimous, no one should be." 3. Voted for Omar Vizquel, "the superior shortstop," instead. 2. Wasn't paying attention, accidentally voted for Raul Ibanez. 1. Only voted for one player: Curt Schilling.


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Omar Vizquel turns 52 today, but he still might have the quickest hands around. ?

Remember when Omar Vizquel went 6-6 on August 31, 2004 in a game against the Yankees that we won 22-0. Twitter wasn't around then, but wow, what a day! #VizquelHOF 

"I don't think I played with a better second baseman than him." - Omar VizquelHappy birthday to Hall of Famer, Roberto Alomar! How slick is too slick? This definitely toes the line ...

Omar Vizquel is back on the ballot for 2019. Let a couple of Omar's '90s teammates - & Carlos Baerga - help explain why he should be enshrined in Cooperstown.

It’s Omar Vizquel's birthday too, so let’s celebrate. RT for a chance at this Diamond Icon – one of one! Yes, those are diamonds on the card. ?? #MLBCards 

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Three great hitters from both sides of the plate -- Omar Vizquel (1967), Chipper Jones (1972) and Carlos Beltran (1977) -- were all born on this date, giving new meaning to the phrase "switched at birth."

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At 43 years and 341 days, Ichiro is the oldest player to steal a base since Omar Vizquel in 2012 (45 years, 113 days).

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On this day in 1993, we acquired Omar Vizquel from Seattle. He won eight Gold Gloves and made three All-Star teams in Cleveland.

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Derek Jeter made his 2,610th career start at shortstop tonight, surpassing Omar Vizquel for most in Major League history. #Yankees