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H-aHa! Labour MP Swaps Steve Coogan Endorsement for Oliver Letwin's

H-aHa! Labour MP Swaps Steve Coogan Endorsement for Oliver Letwin’s

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Britain will hold #GeneralElection19  on December 12 but some high-profile MPs will not contest the poll (top L-R) Kate Hoey, John Bercow, Nicholas Soames, Justine Greening and Kenneth Clarke (bottom L-R) Oliver Letwin, Amber Rudd, Vince Cable, Rory Stewart and Michael Fallon

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Remainer ex-Tory Oliver Letwin is plotting to bring back Boris Johnson’s #Brexit  bill which he sabotaged only last week

Oliver Letwin appeals to MPs to back both 2nd reading of bill and program motion. He says ‘for those who want to avoid the worst, this is better than the worst’.

Oliver Letwin intervenes: 'for those of us who want to avoid the worst... it <the deal> is better than the worst...'

Oliver Letwin, one of the former Conservative MPs who has been a thorn in Boris Johnson’s side, is now trying to help

Voters in 'Brexit blocker' Sir Oliver Letwin's West Dorset seat say they will “never forgive” him

"Boris Johnson's line of action was an act of betrayal" @JimShannonMP  talks to RT UK ahead of @duponline  MPs voting for Oliver Letwin MP's amendment against the government.


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"I have selected Amendment A in the name of Sir Oliver Letwin" John Bercow chooses to hold a vote on the Letwin amendment, the government says it will send MPs home before the main Brexit deal vote if it passes #SuperSaturday 

Parliament is NOT sovereign, the people are sovereign. This parliament is a sink of treachery venality and incompetence. It should be dissolved. Don’t ask me to go to war for Oliver Letwin'>Anna Soubry Oliver Letwin Chuka et al. No thanks.

This interview with Oliver Letwin by @JoeMurphyLondon ⁩ @EveningStandard ⁩ is important. He says Brexit should be resolved before an election. So unless Parliament votes for a Brexit deal, there will be a referendum before a general election

Throughout his long career in public service Oliver Letwin has been at the scene of political disaster after political disaster. Always overcomplicating. Well, he's excelled himself today. Epic muppetry.

It emerged that Oliver Letwin'>Sir Oliver Letwin, the former minister credited with the dubious honour of derailing Brexit at the 11th hour, is being controlled by a leading anti-Brexit barrister

Is there any difficult problem Oliver Letwin can't make worse?

Wow, a huge raft of Tory MPs just got up and stood to join Lab LibDems and others in backing Oliver Letwin emergency debate.

Nigel Farage on Sir Oliver Letwin : ”This is what gets me, it’s the sheer dishonesty of these people who have said one thing and done another” | #Brexit 

It is a quite staggering piece of mismanagement and political incompetence that Oliver Letwin - the mild-mannered, loyal insider who helped all Tory leaders past and who wanted to help this one succeed - has become the chief rebel and now the country’s effective Prime Minister

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“If things go wrong with No Deal, it will not be Opposition blamed, - it will be us, our party, not forgiven for many years..will be first time when we have consciously taken a risk on behalf of nation... and terrible things happen to real people” Oliver Letwin'>Sir Oliver Letwin to his party: