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Support local businesses safely with online orders of soothing at-home essentials, from chocolates and loose-leaf teas to Made in Oklahoma candles and bath products! 📷: Oklahoma Tourism, Simplicity and Co. Tea House

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Don't miss out! Oklahoma native Garth Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood will be taking viewer requests during a prime-time show filmed from their house Wednesday!

Coburn, a physician, represented Oklahoma in the House and Senate. He died Saturday after a long battle with prostate cancer. He was 72.

Tom Coburn, a conservative Oklahoma Republican who had taken on both parties over government spending, is dead of cancer at age 72. He served 3 terms in the House (1995-2000) before winning two in the Senate, first…

Oklahoma City firefighters were called to a house fire in northwest Oklahoma City on Friday afternoon.​

Firefighters were called out to a house fire in northwest Oklahoma City.

I am glad the House passed the comprehensive coronavirus relief package today. Now, @realDonaldTrump  can sign & bring Oklahoma families the ability to make ends meet, resources for our health care system (like PPE) &critical support to the small businesses that fuel our economy.

Oklahoma U.S. House members up to bat on #coronavirus  relief bill

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To all Oklahomans—help is on the way. We just passed a comprehensive #COVID19  relief package. I’m proud to vote for this bill because it helps Oklahoma families, our health care system and our small businesses. I urge the House to pass this ASAP so @realDonaldTrump  can sign it.

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Oklahoma representative, two House employees test positive for COVID-19


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VICTORY! Oklahoma House Passes Bill Revoking Medical License of Any Doctor Who Kills Babies in Abortions #Christian  #Catholic 

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ICE arrests Salvadoran alien charged with rape who went to victim's house immediately after Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office failed to honor ICE detainer.

ICE arrests Salvadoran alien charged with rape who went to victim's house immediately after Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office failed to honor ICE detainer

Reagan-era House R Mickey Edwards of Oklahoma once chaired the American Conservative Union, and helped found the Heritage Foundation on Trump: “i think he’s racist” on why today’s House Rs won’t condemn him: “the answer to the question is cowardice”

Protestors called the Trump administration’s plan to house 1,400 unaccompanied migrant children at an Army base in Oklahoma, which was formerly the site of a Japanese internment camp, a return to a shameful past

Japanese-Americans who were detained in internment camps as children protested at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, a former internment camp where the Trump admin plans to house 1,400 migrant children. The Obama admin also used the military base to house 1K+ unaccompanied migrant children.

Brian Bowen Sr. told the jury today that Christian Dawkins conveyed the following offers for Brian Bowen Jr. to commit: • Arizona: $50,000 • Oklahoma State: $150,000, $8000 for a car, money for a house • Texas: “help me with housing” • Creighton: $100,000 and a “good job”

On the 9th day of their strike, Oklahoma teachers spelled out a big message for legislators on the lawn of the state house: "STILL HERE, FUND US"

In a 29-point swing, Democrats flipped a New Hampshire House district. That comes with the 31-point Oklahoma flip.

BRANDON WILSON TAKES IT TO THE HOUSE! Wilson takes it 100 yards on the missed field goal to put Houston up, 25-17, over Oklahoma.