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Very disappointed with General Motors and their CEO, Mary Barra, for closing plants in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland. Nothing being closed in Mexico & China. The U.S. saved General Motors, and this is the THANKS we get! We are now looking at cutting all subsidies, including....
.....and G.M. would not be closing their plants in Ohio, Michigan & Maryland. Get smart Congress. Also, the countries that send us cars have taken advantage of the U.S. for decades. The President has great power on this issue - Because of the G.M. event, it is being studied now!
Ohio State's band brought out the backpack kid

... kind of 😂
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This is the way it should be.

1. Bama vs 8. Washington
2. Clemson vs 7. Georgia
3. Notre Dame vs 6. Ohio State
4. Oklahoma vs 5. UCF

Higher seeds get home field:

First round games played in Tuscaloosa, Clemson, South Bend, and Norman.
"Let me make this extremely clear: Bullying is unacceptable."

Ohio dad makes his 10-year-old daughter walk 5 miles to school in 36-degree weather after she got suspended from the bus for bullying another student.
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Trump says GM plant closing in Ohio "DOESN'T REALLY MATTER"

"It doesn’t really matter because Ohio is, under my leadership from a national standpoint, Ohio’s going to replace those jobs like in two minutes."
From Fox News interview today.
Breaking: Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer will retire from coaching after the Rose Bowl with Ryan Day taking over as Buckeyes head coach, the school announced.
Columbus Ohio are you ready for tonight ? It's Gona be sick , we're all refreshed and ready to go , it's Gona be a good one
BREAKING: This is not a drill. Ohio is on the verge of banning abortion and other anti-abortion states will likely follow. We must all fight to #StoptheBans.
Troy Balderson of Ohio is running for Congress against a Nancy Pelosi Liberal who is WEAK on Crime & Borders. Troy is the total opposite, and loves our Military, Vets & 2nd Amendment. EARLY VOTING just started with Election Day on August 7th. Troy has my Full & Total Endorsement!
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