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It's official. @Scaramucci is the stupidest person ever to work in White House communications.
Some in White House are trying to build a case that Priebus is a leaker — “a diagram” charting leaks, per senior official — to show Trump.
FWIW, White House official tells me admin is thrilled media is focusing on transgender servicemember issue
1/ This tweet -from the official White House account- is false. 1)It is not a slush fund. 2)The fund was not created by the Paris Agreement.
Official White House position: companies that outsource production are bad, except Trump companies, which can't find good help around here.
White House Counsel asked Yates why the DOJ was concerned by one Admin official lying to another. I'm glad someone was concerned about it...
A White House official close to Trump is now a person of interest in Russia probe, people familiar with the case say
GERMANY: Foreign ministry official calls Trump 'small and pathetic' for his behaviour with Angela Merkel at the White House
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