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George Pell is likely to serve his prison sentence in a specialised 'protection' prison for sex offenders, which already houses fellow members of the cloth convicted of paedophilia, including his old housemate Gerald Ridsdale#georgepell 

The Community Against Violence organization contacts repeat violent crime offenders in an effort to stop them from committing violent crimes.

Stumping for child sex offenders who for decades took refuge within one of the most powerful institutions in the West doesn't make you some kind of free speech warrior, it makes you an irredeemable piece of shit

Via @InquirerUSA  Filipino in Colorado on 5-year intensive probation for sex offenders

Currently, the US makes it relatively easy to get away with violent crimes but then punishes the minority of offenders who are caught extraordinarily harshly. It’s cruel, it doesn’t work very well, and we can do better than this.

Officials said 355 violent offenders were taken off metro streets over a 10-week period during Operation Triple Beam.

“If George Pell is freed today it’s just another statistic of offenders walking away from this crime.” #9Today 

The 21-page document, filed August 8, does not name any beneficiaries, but lists the late financier and convicted sex offender’s total fortune at close to $578 million

Treatment for sexual and domestic #violence  offenders does work @unikent 

Two Tennessee sex offenders arrested eating at a McDonald's with play area. One of the men says he never viewed the play area like that, adding "Even as a sex offender I can eat."

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Kamala Harris was for locking up non-violent offenders for a looooong time, before she was against it. Don’t be fooled, it took a Republican President to pass the FIRST STEP ACT!

Dear #floppyJoe  Obama didn’t get everyone to agree on climate change. The biggest offendersChina and India got a 10 year free pass that would cost American workers trillions and they would never live up to it anyway. But we all know why you’re protecting China $$$ #ChinaJoe 

Preventing sex offenders and violent gang members from entering this country is all in a day's work for . Just this week, law enforcement agents apprehended two convicted child molesters and an MS-13 member near unprotected parts of our border.

T.I. bailed out 23 non-violent offenders from jail on Easter 🙌🏽

Worst offenders were CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo. To say their coverage of the Mueller investigation was disgraceful is an extreme understatement. Using anonymous sources and false assertions, they ginned up a phony narrative that divided the country and interfered with its governance.

This is abhorrent. Millions of NRA members are also parents — myself included. You know what keeps kids safe? Prosecuting repeat offenders who have felony gun charges and drive crime. Yet while AG your state was at the bottom of this list. You have zero consistency on safety.

Capitol Police say protesters arrested today for the 2nd time will not just be released after paying a fine... The repeat offenders will be booked and jailed without the opportunity to be released until Tuesday because Monday is a holiday. via/

Andrew Cuomo helps sex offenders vote after giving conditional pardons:

A lot of Franken supporters very angry today, arguing that even if the allegations are true, a panoply of allegedly far worse offenders (Trump, Moore, Farenthold) are thriving and safe.

Alabama Forced To Release Thousands Of Sex Offenders After Inmates Deny Charges

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