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49ers suspend radio man for off-colour comments about Lamar Jackson

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Is it too early to miss JCJ's off-colour jokes, Brit-bashing, intemperate comebacks at Eurosceptics, and general mumbling?

1.Sam Harris and @_KateKing  hand @goranpaladin  the yellow card for his off-colour humour.

A really off-colour and way off-the-mark comparison: Bantustans were enforced segregation as part of the #apartheid  system, not self-segregating, as Downer implies here:

RECALL ALERT: Abbott brand Calcilo XD powder in the 375-gram size recalled due to rancidity and off colour.

An infant formula product has been recalled due to rancidity and off colour. The product has been distributed to several provinces, including B.C.

RECALL: @CFIA_Food  says Abbott Laboratories is recalling its Calcilo XD powder due to rancidity and the product being off-colour

The federal food safety watchdog says a brand of baby formula has been recalled due to rancidity and the product being off-colour. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says Abbott Laboratories is recalling its Calcilo XD powder

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Abbott brand Calcilo XD Powder recalled due to rancidity and off-colour; CFIA says there have been reported illnesses linked to consumption of this product:

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The fact Liverpool could be so off colour and win says it all about Spurs performance, no matter their possession stats. The fact Kane started ahead of Moura summed it up.

Deeply concerning someone can be arrested in India, apparently for making an off-colour joke, and b detained without being told on what grounds. Abhijit Iyer-Mitra () is basically a troll, including to me personally, doesn't stop it being worrying

So, according to Twitter. Making an off-colour joke years ago disqualifies you from serving on a quango. Supporting Hezbollah, the Soviet Union and the IRA qualifies you to be prime minister.

Boris Johnson sounding like he doesn't have a lot of meat in his big speech. Wishful waffle, big words and off-colour innuendo.

It's not the first time Duterte has made off-colour remarks deemed offensive to women.

Birds with poor digestion are literally off colour

Why was PM off-colour today? Disappointed with crowd? Annoyed with Delhi BJP leaders? Nervous that he has finally met his match?

PASS MAP: Man Utd have completed just one pass in Southampton's final third tonight. Off-colour performance. #MUFC 

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