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The oddest thing is that Americans don't even know how primitive their banking system is. Poland hasn't used paper cheques in at least a decade, maybe two.

Volume 2 of the PDR Colouring Book is here! Twenty more images to ease and aid pleasurable focus in these oddest of times — all free to download and print off at home: . #isolationcoloration  #pdrcoloringbook 

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Oddest political economy puzzle of this time? - central bank begging for larger fiscal deficits, to no avail - (judging from primary votes) the young wanting the olds to leave them larger debts, to no avail - President facing tough election, running with swing-state austerity

Wow your eyes are really broken. Ha ha that is the oddest one yet. I’m human and so ya he. That’s it

In 1994, Michael Jordan quit basketball to play minor-league baseball in Birmingham, Ala. @scottostler  was there to cover it for The Chronicle, and it was one of the oddest assignments he’s ever had.

#poll Do you continue to find the oddest things in your house?

Model who’s made millions selling near-naked snaps opens up about her oddestOnlyFans requests

Model who’s made millions selling near-naked snaps opens up about her oddestOnlyFans requests


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is hamburg's club badge oddest in world? looks like a reject umbro logo. that's not an official website opinion, btw. pete

It could be just me but it's one of the oddest things for anyone to pretend that "edited" videos, parodies, political videos etc are something unusual and prohibited. It's what the internet has always done best (or worst depending on where you stand).

The only ‘economist’ ever cited by Rees Mogg & other ERG advocates of ‘no deal’ literally explains how its ‘success’ will entail the destruction of British industry & agriculture. Of all the baffling things about Brexit, ignoring this simple, undeniable fact is among the oddest.

antisemites, sends out the oddest of messages. Parties that are so intolerant of political dissent rarely prosper in our first-past-post system, where the coalition is the party itself

@MaddowBlog : AG Barr’s oddest falsehood: Pres. Trump ‘fully cooperated’ with Mueller.

David Robinson tells me Kawhi Leonard’s departure from San Antonio is “one of the oddest situations I’ve seen since I’ve been in pro basketball." He says he tried to reach out to Kawhi several times in recent months, but never got an answer back.

The oddest thing about POTUS lying about this new administration policy causing hundreds if not thousands more children to be taken from their parents if they illegally cross the border is that his AG is out there proudly owning it.

The two oddest and unexpected players in this campaign: Anthony Weiner and Billy Bush. Go figure