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Scots seeking employment Oct-Dec 2019: -14k to 96k Unemployment rate: 3.5% (UK 3.8%) In employment: +37k (24k more women, 13k more men) Employment rate: 75% (UK 76.5%) Average weekly earnings UK: +2.9%, 1.4% in real terms stats from @ONS 

Tokyo stocks fall on weaker Oct.-Dec. GDP, Topix down for 6th day

Credit Suisse 2/4: of the Oct/Dec fall at 1208, just ahead of Nov 2019 high at 1210/11. We suspect the recent USD strength will stall here & that individual exchange rates will become driven by the other side of the pair (and particularly by their beta to risk sentiment,

#Singapore Cut forecasts for non-oil domestic exports and total merchandise trade for 2020 to -0.5 to 1.5% vs 0.0% to 2.0% prior (Electronic exports fell -20.4% between Oct-Dec last year compared to Q3's -25% decline0

Japan's economy shrinks annualized 6.3% in Oct.-Dec.

Oct-Dec'>SpiceJet Oct-Dec PAT up 21% on other income due to likely Boeing compensation (report by @RhikKundu )

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Japanese EconMin Nishimura: Japan's Oct-Dec GDP 2019 Likely Weaker Than That Of July-Sept Due To Sales Tax Hike, Typhoon – RTRS

Website subscribers and free trial members: Basis Analysis has been updated with a look at the Oct-Dec'>Live Cattle Oct-Dec spread 5-year study.

Ryanair back in black for Oct-Dec: 9-% higher fares, 21% uplift in ‘ancillaries’ (incl seat-booking outrage): plans to raise car rental earnings: puts off expected delivery of Boeing 737 Max, linked to improved fuel use, and its target for reaching 200m “guests” (Guests?)

$A17U #Ascendas  Real Estate Investment Trust Ascendas REIT (AREIT SP) - Oct-Dec 19: Business parks make for good business: AREIT achieved positive rental reversion of 8.8% for leases renewed in Oct-Dec 19, driven by business & science… #equity  #stocks 


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My year in a Tweet: Jan-Oct: Clients: “Why are we overweight bonds?” Me: “Because stocks are riskier than normal” Oct-Dec: Clients: “WHY DO WE OWN ANY STOCKS???” Me:

??????? Scotland's employment rate rose by 0.6% to 75.5% ?‍? Youth employment rose to 61.6%, higher than UK rate of 55.8% ?‍? The employment rate for women rose to 71.8%, higher than UK rate of 71.4% Source: ONS, Oct-Dec 2018

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My latest Nintendo story: Nintendo's goal of selling 20 million Switch forecast in FY18 a long shot? Maybe not so anymore, say analysts. Some expect firm sold more than 10 million units in Oct-Dec quarter alone.

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PM 's decisive leadership & transformative reforms have helped India regain its status as the world’s fastest-growing major economy. India’s economy grew 7.2% in Oct-Dec '17.

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Business confidence rises in Oct-Dec as India Inc optimistic on growth: CII via NMApp

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Are you ready for oct-dec? ? ? ??? ??? ?? ? ? ? ??? ??? ? ? ? ? ??? ???

Scottish economy contracted Oct-Dec 2016 by -0.2% while UK grew +0.7%. In 2016 Scottish GDP grew 0.4%. UK grew by 1.8%.

Indian grows ar 7% growth during demonetisation (Oct-Dec 16). Strong growth across sectors incl. mining & utilities

Two more covers: France and RumaniaRelease date in all languages: Oct/Dec 2016 No Brasil: setembro #AEspi ã

I tell you a drunky secret... We just did the routing for uk +european lonely hearts club tour from Oct-Dec. Tbc!