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Obesity rate among adults, 2017.

USA: 38.2%
Mexico: 32.4%
UK: 26.9%
South Africa: 26.5%
Canada: 25.8%
Germany: 23.6%
Turkey: 22.3%
Brazil: 20.8%
Russia: 19.6%
Spain: 16.7%
France: 15.3%
Austria: 14.7%
Norway: 12.0%
South Korea: 5.3%
India: 5.0%
Japan: 3.7%

@SofieHagen (2/2) … as after smoking, obesity is the second biggest cause. It is our duty to inform people about this and lobby the government on policies which will help us all to keep a healthy weight. For more info, head to our website:
From homelessness & obesity as a child to stardom at Purdue, Caleb Swanigan is Why We Love Sports Today.
As opposition leaders call on Theresa May to tackle the UK’s obesity crisis, the PM announces plans to deport fat people.
Enjoy #DearZindagi @aliaa08 @iamsrk on anti obesity day. #Indiafightsobesity @DrMuffi I am in! Are you? B wise 2 B healthy and wealthy
It's the future. Year 2022. And Pokemon Go has rid America of obesity.
3 months
Sugary drinks contribute to the global rise of overweight and obesity.
A #SodaTax on sugary drinks can reduce consumption.
To improve global health, tax the things that are killing us.
#Tax4Health #BeatNCDs
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Sperm counts have fallen by more than 50% in the past four decades. The decline has been blamed on many factors, including rising obesity rates and increased alcohol consumption
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Smoking, diet, obesity & malnutrition can cause genetic, cellular, metabolic & physiological changes during fetal development, increasing disease risk in later life - new series on #preconceptionhealth@KeithMGodfrey@unisouthampton
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