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From homelessness & obesity as a child to stardom at Purdue, Caleb Swanigan is Why We Love Sports Today.
Enjoy #DearZindagi @aliaa08 @iamsrk on anti obesity day. #Indiafightsobesity @DrMuffi I am in! Are you? B wise 2 B healthy and wealthy
It's the future. Year 2022. And Pokemon Go has rid America of obesity.
We have seen a decrease in stunting but all other forms of malnutrition are increasing, incl. childhood obesit #WorldFoodDayy
3 in 4 people aren’t aware that obesity causes cancer #WorldObesityDay
Here's how childhood obesity has increased around the world as economies develop
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friday nights are meant to be spent watching non stop netflix while eating foods that lead to obesity
"if you don't cut pizza out of your diet you will be at risking obesity"
Why We Love Sports Today: Caleb Swanigan overcame childhood homelessness & obesity.

Now he's a first round pick.
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