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#OTD in 1972, Apollo 17 launched & snapped this Blue Marble pic on its way to the moon:

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📆 OTD in 2004... "GERRRRRAAAARRRDDDDD!!!!!" 🙌 THAT goal against Olympiacos in front of the Kop 🚀🔴

That's Robert Woods' first touchdown reception and second end zone target of the season. He had a rushing score in Week 6. Just hasn't had much work near the goal line (2.5 OTD entering tonight)

Today in History: Louisiana ratifies (another) state constitution, 1879 #otd  #tih 

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🗓️ OTD in 2004: 🎙️ Carragher, trying to stay cool. 🎙️ Mellor, lovely cushioned header. 🎙️ For Gerrard... 🎙️ OHHHH YA BEAUTYYY!! 🎙️ What a hit, son!! 🎙️ What! A! Hit! 🏆 The rest is history...

#OTD in 1996, Charles let it fly from half-court! 😳🚨


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"This one's for you, baby!" 😂 #OTD  in 1991, MJ trolled Mutombo by hitting a free-throw with his eyes closed!

BR 𝗧𝗛𝗜𝗦 Taison goal 😯🔥👏 #OTD  in 2012 #UEL 

"Hey, Mutombo. This one's for you baby." #OTD  in 1991, MJ hit a free-throw with his eyes closed! 😳

#OTD  in 2014, Barcelona agreed to sign Luis Suárez... ⚽️1⃣7⃣7⃣ 👕2⃣4⃣7⃣ 🏆2⃣0⃣1⃣5⃣ #UCL  | @FCBarcelona 

Ramos ⚽⚽ Ronaldo ⚽⚽ #OTD  in 2014, Real Madrid scored FOUR at Bayern in the semi-finals. 😮 #UCL  | @realmadriden