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In powerful op-ed, Laura Bush, who rarely weighs in on policies of her husband's successors, calls the Trump family separation policy "immoral"
Laura Bush blasts Trump migrant policy in op-ed: Family separation is "immoral"
If you’re in a campaign for federal office and a foreign agent offers you dirt on your opponent, you should tell the @FBI. After hearing from so many witnesses in #TrumpRussia investigation who didn’t, I wrote a bill that’d require it. @TheAtlantic op-ed:
If you want to read some good news today, my friend David Banks and I published an op ed in the @NYDailyNews about how the Eagle Academy schools are transforming lives in New York and elsewhere. Check it out:
Whether he knows it or not, @POTUS’s attacks on the press are being closely watched by foreign leaders intent on shutting down scrutiny & silencing free speech. Read more in my op-@washingtonposted.
"We, the youth of the United States, have built a new movement to denounce gun violence and call for safety in all of our communities. This is only the beginning. @Emma4Change " pens a searing op-ed on this generation's plans to make chang #NeverAgaine:
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.@yelyahwilliams opens up on depression, anxiety, and growth in an exclusive op-ed.
Deborah Epstein recently resigned from an NFL committee tasked with addressing domestic violence.

"I simply cannot continue to be part of a body that exists in name only," she wrote in an op-ed.
Hayley wrote an op-ed for @papermagazine about mental health and her own experiences during the making of After Laughter.
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