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Sunrise ? in the canyons of NYC. Spent yesterday at Ravitch workshop on Puerto Rico for journalists. An economist made a strong argument thatPR has a loser economy mirroring consistent message and actions of the OBoard. Focus must change to generating economic growth #muniland 

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@WorldBank  has monitored "ease of doing business" in Puerto RIco for years (they measure all countries). Doing business has become increasingly difficult & worst ever since OBoard arrived in 2016. OB lack of focus on econ development huge loss #muniland 

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For #muniland  accounting geeks > why PR OBoard's sole focus on expenditure to budget reporting is misguided. PR govt has long history of stuffing invoices & payables into drawers & falsifying their accounting. The deliberate delay in audited financials speaks volumes #muniland 

@FBISanJuan  investigates finances of KOI & Miranda. Focus on possible money laundering & other crimes in relation to Puerto Rico govt contracts. Recall OBoard waved through KOI contracts last Aug because they complied with the fiscal plan. #muniland 

Puerto Rico Government says renomination of the Oversight Board is not a White House endorsement. Urges OBoard to focus on promoting PR issues on the Hill instead of promoting their own candacies [this would have been helpful the last few months] #muniland 

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Replace these OBoard members with ones who really want to follow the statute and focus on helping reignate the economy. It's pretty simple.

17.9 million mainland public workers have avg absentism & lost worktime rate of 5.9% vs ~35% for 90,000 Puerto Rico public workers (pg 3). Highlights how misplaced OBoard focus is on private workers. BLS mainland data > #muniland 

Not gonna die Ana but the govt and OBoard really must focus on improving services for the citizens.

OBoard is gunning for creditors. Primary focus.