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a.) Will Chief Justice really sit by for arguments that whistleblower protections should not apply? b.) Did Philbin really argue that Schiff had a conflict...when the real conflict lay with Nunes?

Cyborg is on the short list of best women’s MMA fighters of all time. Tonight, she makes her Bellator debut, challenging Julia Budd for the featherweight title. I asked Cyborg about her split with UFC, the elusive Nunes rematch, Bellator and more:

In Playbook this morning, which I’m wrapping up right now: CALIFORNIA REP. DEVIN NUNES raised $2.1 million in the final three months of 2019. He has $7.1 million on hand. OHIO REP. JIM JORDAN raised $1.3 million and has $1.8 million on hand.

Twitter claims "broad immunity" in its latest effort to dismiss a lawsuit over the mocking "DevinNunes' Cow" account.

Twitter Asks Judge To Dismiss Devin Nunes' Frivolous Lawsuit Via Section 230

Julia Budd explains why she doesn’t consider Cris Cyborg the GOAT and how she hopes for a ‘dream fight’ against UFC champ Nunes'>Amanda Nunes one day in the future #Bellator238  #Bellator 

Social media company claims "broad immunity" in its latest effort to dismiss a lawsuit by the lawmaker over the mocking "DevinNunes' Cow" account.


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Schiff: -"More than circumstantial evidence" of collusion -Nunes memo was false -FISA process was fine -The "Whistleblower" would testify -"We haven't spoken... with the 'Whistleblower'" -Parodied @POTUS ' call -"Mr. Z" referred to Zelensky But today we're supposed to trust him?

Sacramento Bee on Devin Nunes: "Regardless of whether you lean Democratic or Republican, here’s an undeniable fact: Nunes lied to the American people and his own constituents about the Ukraine allegations, dismissing them although he knew they were true"

Schiff tells Chris Wallace he was unaware of errors and omissions in FBI use of FISA process. Bunk. The much-derided Nunes memo, which Schiff strongly disputed at the time, called attention to these very abuses. Most media, of course, echoed the Schiff version, scoffed at Nunes.

Trump. Pence. Barr. Perry. Pompeo. Bolton. Nunes. Firtash? More... Lev Parnas interview, tonight, 9pm ET, MSNBC.

Nunes'>Devin Nunes calling the Intelligence Committee’s fact-finding mission a cult is dispicable. I know about cults. Cults are led by maniacal narcissists who expect complete adoration and relinquishment of independent thought. I suggest Mr. Nunes look elsewhere.

.: -Meets with Glenn Simpson, who hired Nellie Ohr and Chris Steele and paid for the Dossier -Doesn’t disclose the meeting -Says there’s nothing wrong REMEMBER: Schiff demanded that Nunes be investigated for meeting with administration officials. Double standard?

If Nunes'>Devin Nunes follows through on the threat to make Adam Schiff the first person subpoenaed by Republicans to testify in the impeachment investigation how can Schiff refuse to testify under oath? If Schiff is afraid to be sworn in he is virtually confessing he has been lying.

BREAKING: Discovered late tonight that Nunes'>Chairman Nunes made material changes to the memo he sent to White House – changes not approved by the Committee. White House therefore reviewing a document the Committee has not approved for release.

Nunes'>Representative Devin Nunes, a man of tremendous courage and grit, may someday be recognized as a Great American Hero for what he has exposed and what he has had to endure!

100 Senators and 435 Reps, only 4 get shadow banned: Gaetz, Meadows, Nunes, Jordan. Twitter says just a glitch in their algorithm. Really??