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As of last week, that’s the number of immigrant children still being held in detention.
With a historic number of women running this year, we have a tremendous opportunity to make our government better reflect our country. We'd all be lucky to see these four extraordinary candidates win their races for Congress this fall:
Thank you for all the support for Drag Me Down. Couldn't be happier to find out its number one in the UK. Glad people like it. All the love
In my deepest, darkest post-partum depression, I would have personally never called a phone number. If John or my doctor never reached out, I would have never even known. It really can be a lonely hole. Watch the people you love and don’t be afraid to speak up.
Made In The AM is number one in the UK. So happy that people are liking it. We're very proud of it. Thank you. H
....GWU Research to tell them how many people had died in Puerto Rico (how would they not know this?). This method was never done with previous hurricanes because other jurisdictions know how many people were killed. FIFTY TIMES LAST ORIGINAL NUMBER - NO WAY!
Number of Americans killed on battlefields in all wars in history:


Killed by firearms in the US since 1968:


It is becoming increasingly clear that Judge Kavanaugh has misled the Senate Judiciary Committee in a number of ways. This should raise immediate red flags for all Senators and the American public.
Save this number to your favorites: (202) 224-3121. Call your Senators in the morning and tell them to oppose Kavanaugh. Call them in the afternoon. Leave a message at night. Keep making your voice heard.
Time to change my number .. Getting some disgusting stuff on what's app... Losers !
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