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The strangest thing is the notion that Cummings brings something special to government. This government’s handling of the Covid19 crisis has been objectively appalling, causing countless avoidable deaths, yet the PM’s key adviser is somehow a genius? It makes no sense at all

@markets  on the under-performance of the #Dow . As detailed previously, there are good and lasting reasons why the #NASDAQ  in particular has out-performed others--this in the context of overall valuations being driven by the notion of a stronger #Fed  put.

#Opinion : If you are rolling your eyes at the notion of race and class privileges, consider if the coronavirus had originated in Italy rather than in China. @JagdeeshMann '>Contributo @JagdeeshMann  on why we still have work to do in flattening not one, but two curves.

Chris Hayes: “The notion that the President is taking [hydroxychloroquine] speaks not only to his past, but also to the way he has gone about this entire catastrophe more broadly. Always looking for the easy solution, the magic pill.” #inners 

@JimGaffigan  is asking: Are we REALLY all in this together? The comedian, marking his 10th week in quarantine with his family because of the pandemic, ponders the notion of society, shared responsibility, and the voices in his head

“There are rulemakers and rule takers and no one doubts in which category Cummings sees himself.” “As No 10 fights to save the PM’s chief strategist, it is this notion of one law for the powerful that will prove most corrosive.” Via @robertshrimsley 

ANALYSIS: If nothing else, the current crisis and the massive use of public funds to respond to the threat might forever bury the notion — promoted by generations of politicians — that a government's budget is neatly analogous to a household budget.

“We can’t keep the public away from bison and bears every year at full staffing levels. So the notion that we’re going to keep every human being 6 feet apart is ridiculous."

“We can’t keep the public away from bison and bears every year at full staffing levels. So the notion that we’re going to keep every human being 6 feet apart is ridiculous,” Yellowstone Superintendent Cam Sholly said.


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Fox News has repeatedly aired the notion that this deadly virus is a hoax, including Trump’s son last night saying it would magically disappear after the election. So how come their hosts are broadcasting from home?

Has anyone entertained the notion that maybe - just maybe - these Democrat governors and mayors have no intention of restoring our civil liberties?

The fundraising effort by a 99yo is astonishing - but the notion that the NHS has somehow become a charity and that is perfectly ok should make our blood run cold.

What hangs in the balance in the impeachment process isn’t only the fate of President Trump, it’s the very notion of objective truth and whether our nation’s health and security will succumb to a global campaign, fanned by the Kremlin, to subvert reality.

Rep. @Ocasio2018  (D-NY): "I want to tell children across this country...that no matter what the president says, this country belongs to you, and it belongs to everyone, and today, that notion -- that very notion -- was challenged."

New: Amb Marie Yovanovitch calls for investigation after evidence reveals GOP congressional candidate & Giuliani associate Lev Parnas discussed surveilling her. “The notion that American citizens & others were monitoring Amb Yovanovitch’s disturbing,” says her atty.

Disappointed that edited out & smoothed my hair to fit a more Eurocentricnotion of what beautiful hair looks like. #dtmh 

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Yes I've heard this word. I think sociopaths use it in an attempt to discredit the notion of empathy