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Note to self. Don't 'twerk'.
Note: Accepting of pardon is an admission of guilt and can be used in civil suits.
Emma Watson wrote a note urging Americans to vote. She didn't spend her childhood fighting a dark lord so we could elect one.
...on another note, can brah be the girl verson of bruh???
US reponse to Haiti earthquake, 2010:
2 days
8000 troops

To Puerto Rico post-Maria, 2017:
8 days
4400 troops

(Note: Both are islands)
Kansas State student had Kit Kat stolen from his car. Hershey execs saw note, filled his Camry with 6,500 Kit Kats
I'd like to start off the day by saying a big fuck you to 'the mirror' :) on a happier note huge love to all out fans, you keep us going!!
This little guy played me in MINISOS. He also gave me this note. What a dude.
If this were a scene in a movie script, the note would read 'can we make this guy more plausible/human? Nobody would say this aloud.'
awww heres a cute snap on this note im off to beddd
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