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We know that one hateful person committed a heinous crime, not an entire people. To blame an entire religion is nothing less than bigotry.
Andrew Bogut suffered a left leg injury less than one minute into his Cavs debut and will not return tonight vs Heat.
“OK, OK, but it’s not technically Treason under Article III, Section 3” is one of the less inspiring presidential defenses of recent years
WH counsel was notified as soon as order naming Mueller was signed I'm told. Not sooner. Less than one hour notice, official estimates
Apparently having the number one song in the country does not make you less of a dork. Forever on the #RoadLessTraveled #ohhhhh
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It’s not that employees are getting less tech-savvy; it’s that the market demands more of each and every one of them
The #Left Did NOT Stand Because They Detest The #Military

And #RyanOwens Is One Less #GOP Voter

dear girls, u don't HAVE to wear less clothing than normal people to be a recording artist. it's not a requirement. no one says u gotta
3/Less than 48 hours ago, Trump went around a good half dozen generals on the #Transgender ban. To date, not one has publicly supported it
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