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One Less bahana for you all not to get fitter ! #BeingHumanEcycles now available on the @PaytmMall . Aur isme 5k tak ka cashback bhi hai - So go and get yourself one today Link :
We know that one hateful person committed a heinous crime, not an entire people. To blame an entire religion is nothing less than bigotry.
.@realDonaldTrump, have you ever stopped to wonder what caused the decay of the U.S? Mexico is not to blame for it! You ignited the flame of hate and fear all across the nation, not believing one word you said then, much less today. The country was stolen by you.
.@AllenWest on @realDonaldTrump's PA speech: "No one can take away from him that he has been able to do something in less than 18 months that the previous 24 years have not been able to do, and that's bring the leader of North Korea to a table." @JudgeJeanine
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We lost one of history's greatest minds who helped us explore the deepest mysteries of the universe. I'm proud to have called Stephen Hawking my friend. The world needs more men like him. Not less. Godspeed and I hope you're hanging out with Marilyn Monroe. #RIPStephenHawking
Theater Kids, ur Auntie Lesli wants u to know that putting a song in a lower key is NOT less than, so DO IT if u need to. Telling the story is ALWAYS better than strangled screlting/no one understands lyrics, even if peeps r all "yaaas biatch saaang". 🙄TELL. THE. STORY.
The most dangerous business phrases:

1 If it ain't broke, don't fix it
2 We've always done it this way
3 It's not personal, it's only business
4 Everyone is replaceable
5 We always do more with less
6 Failure is not an option
7 One throat to choke
8 Not what I was hired to do
Less than four days away from the third shutdown of the year, GOP leaders have not yet filed omnibus spending bill to keep government open. This means there will need to be a lot of cooperation on both sides to avoid a shutdown to clear a bill no one has seen. May need a CR
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