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TIP OF THE DAY; Do not revolve your life around one person, one feeling, one place, one memory, or one problem. The complexity of life and the diversity of the world is beautiful and you have the right to explore it. Do not settle for less when you really deserve so much more✨
We know that one hateful person committed a heinous crime, not an entire people. To blame an entire religion is nothing less than bigotry.
- And I say “one minute, not less like five”, and everybody said o sea qué pedo...
Sources say Fallon went because what he did with @JuliaHB1 was not a one-off and others he “flirted with” may have been “less understanding” than her. Though no one has yet come forward to complain about him
Andrew Bogut suffered a left leg injury less than one minute into his Cavs debut and will not return tonight vs Heat.
“OK, OK, but it’s not technically Treason under Article III, Section 3” is one of the less inspiring presidential defenses of recent years
WH counsel was notified as soon as order naming Mueller was signed I'm told. Not sooner. Less than one hour notice, official estimates
No guards on trains
Would you be happy putting your family on one
Need more guards not less safer trains safer travel
More use them
In India, we have constitutionally provided for not less than one third of women representation in rural and urban local bodies, ensuring women's participation in grass-root level decision making : PM @narendramodi @GES2017
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