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SAFE AT LAST: A lucky Labrador was rescued from icy waters in Northumberland, U.K.!
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The MP who ran Labour's election campaign took £165k from a Northumberland miners' union which has only ten members.
This dramatic footage shows RSPCA Inspector Jaqui Miller rescuing a dog from the icy waters of the River Wansbeck in Northumberland - an amazing effort!
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We’re delighted to present updated designs & plans for the Northumberland Development Project.
After more than 1,000 years the lynx could be reintroduced to the UK countryside. @LynxUKTrust wants to see them in Northumberland
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UK, imagine if Little Mix were signing copies of #Salute in @hmvtweets Newcastle, Northumberland St Thursday at 5pm. They are! Mixers HQ x
Rare albino hedgehogs rescued in Northumberland
I've just been told - and this is genuine - that the refrain of "The referee's a wanker," could be heard from Northumberland Street. #Nufc
"This is massive for Rugby League in Northumberland."

@CramlingtonRLFC secure £25,000 of Aviva funding:
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