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In 2006 Biden repeatedly referred to Delaware as "a slave state," telling South Carolinians that DE was a "slave state that fought beside the North only because we couldn't figure out how to get to the South. There were a couple of states in the way."

We asked all the primary candidates for governor what they think about major issues important to North Carolinians. Here’s what they said.

Just thought North Carolinians should know, @CalforNC  and @SmithIngramNC  will support whatever radical socialist wins the Dem presidential nomination. #NCSen  #ncpol 

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The number of coronavirus cases continues to rise across the globe, and many North Carolinians are growing concerned for their loved ones living abroad.

All North Carolinians deserve their shot at realizing the American Dream, and Opportunity Zones are already making an impact by tackling poverty and investing in communities to promote development and economic prosperity.

I’m committed to continuing my work to deliver more results for North Carolinians to keep our economy and military strong. (3/3)

North Carolinians have watched Thom Tillis “transform from occasional heretic on Trump into lead conductor of the Trump Train.” This November, let’s vote him out.

🎥 WATCH: From the mountains to the ocean, North Carolinians have deep and diverse views about what their communities are facing and how we will all adapt to a changing world together. Hear their voices and stories in #JourneyAcross100 .

Hey @CalforNC , want to come out of the #windowlessbasement  to let North Carolinians know where you stand on today’s impeachment vote? #NCSen  #ncpol 

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Over the last two days, all Adam Schiff has done is talk about the things he needs to have a valid case, even though he has repeatedly claimed how strong the House’s case for removal is. It's time to get back to work on issues that are important to North Carolinians. #impeachment 

Democrats have pushed this bitterly partisan impeachment effort instead of focusing on the issues North Carolinians actually care about like growing our economy, supporting our military, passing free and fair trade deals, and securing our border. (2/4)

“... It was an illegitimate majority acting in an unethical way. These Republicans may be incapable of shame, but North Carolinians should be outraged.”

OPINION: First by gerrymandering and now by a high-handed vote, something new has been taken from North Carolinians. It’s called democracy.

I’m really concerned for North and South Carolinians dealing with such dangerous flooding. Please heed the latest warnings & stay safe. -H

"Shrines to white supremacy and racial violence denigrate my existence and that of millions of North Carolinians."

Great news for North Carolinians. Let's make voting easier so every voice in our democracy can be heard. -H

North Carolinians who missed the first deadline can still register for early voting until tomorrow at 1PM ET.