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While the world is absorbed in the Coronavirus drama, yet another caravan of illegal immigrants is heading north to the United States from Central America. Read:

The on-demand grocery startup said it seeks to hire 300,000 "full-service shoppers," who are treated as independent contractors, in North America over the next three months due to increased demand spurred by the coronavirus pandemic.

14:00 UTC today vs 4 March. In the image from today, 55% of all flights tracked are located in North America. That's up from 39% in the March image. Total flights in each image— March: 13,891 Today: 4541

In addition to this we have also made a donation of 20,000 units of protective eyewear that will be shipped across North America and Europe. We will continue to offer our support wherever possible throughout this crisis. We’re all in this together.

$LULU - Lululemon's Concentration In North America Could Damage Earnings. #trading  #finance  #stockmarket 

President Trump will have a conference call with the commissioners of the major sports leagues in North America today, to discuss the pandemics effect on the sports world.

Seeing users of our new must-read #coronavirus  info site coming from across North America and as far away as UK France Switzerland Italy Greece Qatar Saudi Arabia ThailandAustalia Philippines Singapore Hong Kong this hour Flatten The Curve -->>

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"Once North America’s 5G network is fully functioning, today’s just-in-time shipping will become almost an art form," @megkingdc  writes in @wilsonquarterly  about how North America is implementing 5G technologies.

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The governor of Illinois and mayor of Chicago on Friday re-christened North America’s largest convention center as a pandemic-battling field hospital and publicly hoped it would never see a single patient. @ElizabethFox32  reports:


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I was thrilled to be back in the Great city of Charlotte, North Carolina with thousands of hardworking American Patriots who love our Country, cherish our values, respect our laws, and always put AMERICA FIRST! Thank you for a wonderful evening!! #KAG2020 

Great to be in Charlotte, North Carolina as we expand and grow this unprecedented economic momentum. Today, we launched a brand new nationwide campaign to revitalize under-served cities and towns across America – it’s called OPPORTUNITY NOW!

Meghan Markle and her husband say they're stepping back as senior members of the Royal Family and will "work to become financially independent." They'll split their time 50/50 between the UK and North America.

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Can't wait to get to Toronto! I'm buzzin ! North America let's have a great time this year !

Only a few shows left on tour in North America.. Just wana say thank you to all of you for coming out to watch us .. The support is amazing

North America , we're finally coming back this week! oh yeaaahhhhh! can't wait to see all of you , we've missed you !

North America thank you soo much for everything! 8.5 weeks of pure class! and what a way to end it 4 shows in staples in LA ! Thank you