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Bill O'Reilly
it s no accident that this mass march al norte is occurring right before the midterms the unspoken hope on the
It's no accident that this mass march al norte is occurring right before the midterms. The unspoken hope on the lunatic left is that some migrants, especially children, will be harmed by authorities under the order of President Trump and voters will find the situation repugnant.
Michiko Kakutani
victor hugo on norte dame a vast symphony in stone embodying all the forces of an epoch a sort of human creati
Victor Hugo on Norte Dame: “a vast symphony in stone” embodying “all the forces of an epoch... a sort of human creation, in a word, powerful and fecund as the divine creation of which it seems to have stolen the double character, –variety, eternity.”
Millennial Politics
the effort to rebuild the norte dame cathedral has raised over 500 million euros literally overnight imagine i
The effort to rebuild the Norte Dame Cathedral has raised over 500 million Euros, literally overnight.

Imagine if we could harness that same altruism and capital to house the homeless, feed the hungry, and offer a sense of security to all those living on the brink.
Andrew Neil
norte dame is to paris what westminster abbey is to london it dates back to 1163 an immense french tragedy
Norte Dame is to Paris what Westminster Abbey is to London. It dates back to 1163. An immense French tragedy.
Manila Bulletin News
earthquakeph a magnitude 53 earthquake jolts surigao del norte stay safe everyone
#EarthquakePH: A magnitude 5.3 earthquake jolts Surigao del Norte.

Stay safe, everyone!
ABS-CBN News Channel
the daily princetonian princeton universitys award winning independent student newspaper reports that ilocos n
The Daily Princetonian, Princeton University’s award-winning independent student newspaper, reports that Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos has “falsely claimed” to have graduated from Princeton University. | via
sandiganbayan records show that former senator bongbong and ilocos norte governor imee marcos were beneficiari
Sandiganbayan records show that former senator Bongbong and Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos were beneficiaries of the Swiss foundations earlier found by Sandiganbayan's 5th Division as illegally created and maintained. #PHNews
as a person who loves history im saddened by the fact that fire is wreaking havoc on norte dame in paris i hop
As a person who loves history I’m saddened by the fact that fire is wreaking havoc on Norte Dame in Paris I hope it was all an accident & there’s a commitment to rebuild The cathedral dates back to a cornerstone laid in 1163 & has experienced a very rich history
Jake Tapper
dod sfc reymund transfiguracion 36 of waikoloa hawaii died august 12 2018 from wounds sustained as a result of
DOD: SFC Reymund Transfiguracion, 36, of Waikoloa, Hawaii, died August 12, 2018 from wounds sustained as a result of an IED in Helmand Province. Born in Sarrat Ilocos Norte, Philippines, Transfiguracion enlisted in the Hawaii National Guard in July 2001.
GMA News
@gmanews 6 months
the sandiganbayan has found former first lady and incumbent ilocos norte representative imelda marcos guilty o
The Sandiganbayan has found former First Lady and incumbent Ilocos Norte Representative Imelda Marcos guilty of graft in connection with her alleged financial interests during her time as Metro Manila governor.
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