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New figures from the Nordics, Albania and North Macedonia up now. See the numbers here 👇

The world's happiest nations may be better at dealing with coronavirus #nordics 

In much of the EU, (France,Benelux,Germany, Nordics) & in the UK the number of deaths has trebled in circa 6 days (or less). Spain: x 4 in 7 days. Bad news in Italy: 743 new deaths, breaking with reduction of the number of daily deaths of the previous 2 days. To be watched 2/2

Worth noting that while the Danish wage support scheme for #COVID19  covers 75% of workers' wages, the UK system covers 80% of workers’ wages. Britain is outdoing the Nordics here - an extraordinary economic move, esp coming from a Conservative govt.

Accounting fintech Billy first in the Nordics to receive bank data sharing licence by @Finextra 

Company announcement: Accounting fintech Billy first in the Nordics to rece... #fintech 

UK debt to GDP is 85%. In 1945 UK dept was 210% of GDP & the NHS was set up. Therefore the UK Gov can easily afford #EmergencyBasicIncome  Smaller independent countries like Nordics & Ireland amongst others are ensuring income stress is removed to cope with #COVID19 

Swedes are instructed what foods to store at home: potatoes, long-life bread, pre-cooked lentils, and “blueberry and rosehip soup” in case of war or other disaster - How the Nordic’s prepared for #lockdown  @FT  @rmilneNordic ⁩ @helenwarrell ⁩


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Let’s have high taxes & a big welfare state. That’s socialism! OK, I’m a socialist. Like Stalin? No like Denmark. Nordics aren’t socialist they’re market economies with high taxes & a big welfare state. OK let’s have high taxes & a big welfare state. Socialist!

BernieSanderistas are trying to promote a fake idea of "Nordic Socialism ". Nordics are 1)Yuugely localists (see #Antifragile  on communes); they empowered local lang [Danish, Norwegian, Swedish] & don't call them "dialects of Nordic ". 2) Are NOT socialists [Soc. failed in 70s]

In fact, while GDP per capita is lower -- largely bc of more vacations -- by just about every measure life is better in the Nordics. It's certainly longer 2/

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Progressives: the Nordic countries aren't socialist, they're social-democratic, and they work Conservatives: Hah! Progressives are wrong, the Nordics aren't socialist! Progressives: Huh? 1/

I'm home and really geeking out over this - #PlanetEarth2  starts TONIGHT at 8pm on @BBCOne  & 9pm on BBC Nordics'>Earth Nordics. Can't wait!

Take a trip to the Nordics with and , as they reflect on their journey to crafting God of War... and partake in some real life axe throwing along the way:

Take a deep breath... ? #BluePlanet2  starts Sunday 29 October and Nordics. More dates to follow

Hey ladies! This lovesick sloth will cross oceans to find a mate. #PlanetEarth2  starts Sunday at 8pm on & 9pm on BBC Nordics'>Earth Nordics.

Introducing the incredible marine iguana. #PlanetEarth2  Begins tonight at 8pm on and 9pm on BBC Nordics'>Earth Nordics.