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For a few months this year, it looked like the working-age employment had leveled off and might be dipping. But nope. We are now matching the pre-recession high of 2007. And it seems very likely to go higher.

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Haha!! Nope. You’ll probably steal my $12 water in the room!!

"Buttigieg, like Amy Klobuchar, is all about falsely telling the American people what they can't have. Call it the audacity of nope," says @ryanlcooper .

To clarify, this report has been walked back by the reporter who reported it because Bill Belichick was asked whether he has an announcement on Folk and Belichick said, "Nope." (As if that would be the first time he said "nope" and then an announcement came later.)

@brianhecht  For more backstory on the #PeletonHusband , listen to "This Week In Nope " on @iTunes , @Spotify  or wherever you get your podcasts.

Nope, our rights aren’t guaranteed Johnson claims his Withdrawal Agreement protects worker and consumer rights, and environmental standards. It doesn’t. 8/

#Colts K Chase McLaughlin's favorite athlete is an Indiana native. Nope. It's not him.

I got to be the luckiest man on earth No I didn't hit the Lottery or Write a NY Times Bestseller or discover the Next Big thing, nope I didn't do none of those things but I found somebody that loves me as much as I love her & that makes me the luckiest ever lived L.Y.A BerryYNWA


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Did the “shoe bomber” blow up the plane? Nope. Is he in jail for life? Yes. Would you want to sit next to him on a plane tomorrow? Nope. Turns out, @realDonaldTrump , in America, we punish incomplete crimes.

White House Advisor Stephen Miller Just Got Outed for Explicit White Supremacist E-mails NOPE. This asshole has got to go. There is no room for this. #FireStephenMiller 

Media: Covington kids were racist! Nope, you botched it. Media: Okay, but other Covington kids were racist! Nope, you botched it. Media: Okay, but Covington banned a gay kid from speaking! Nope, you botched it. Media: The REAL story is people are mean to journalists.

Nintendo's mobile strategy: 2008: what's an iPhone 2010: what's an Android 2012: nope 2014: still no 2016: change how society functions

A former McCain aide says Trump was lying when he claimed today the senator had misled the WH and said he was going to support “repeal and replace” effort before changing his mind. “Nope. Never happened,” the former aide said. “You’re surprised Trump lied?” the ex-aide added.

@POTUS : Obama wiretapped me! FBI: Nope. NSA: Nope. DOJ: Nope. Brits: Nope. @POTUS : I feel partially vindicated!

If you didn't know our band and seen our Twitter description and photo for the first time you'd be just like.... Nope

Nope it’s because nobody wanted you to come. And you got the message.