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"I told y'all I'd get y'all back to the Bowl." Richard Sherman stuck to his word. The Niners are NFC Champs 🏆 (via @49ers )

NFC Championship viewing: Sunday: Niners-Packers: 43.58 million viewers. 2018-19: Rams-Saints: 44.08 million viewers 2017-18: Vikings-Eagles: 42.30 million viewers 2016-17: Falcons-Packers: 46.3 million viewers

The Niners weren't just physical with the Packers up front. They felt they had a toughness edge everywhere @nflnetwork 

The Niners, who will wear white jerseys with gold pants, are 2-0 in Super Bowls with that combination.

NFL Championship Game ratings: Last year: Rams-Saints, FOX early window: 44 million viewers Pats-Chiefs, CBS late window: 53.9 million. Yesterday: Titans-Chiefs, CBS early window: 41.1 million Niners'>Packers-Niners, FOX late window: 43.6 million

We're talking #49ers  and run games today on The Aftermath. For the Niners, their success is a testament to the personnel dept (player depth) and assistant coaches (player execution) as much as it is to the players themselves.

One many interesting stats about SB 54? The Chiefs and Niners have exactly the same number of offensive touchdowns heading into Super Sunday..58 apiece

The Niners and Chiefs took big gambles to land their quarterbacks. Their bets paid off.

"But with the fire power the Niners will see on the opposite sideline in Miami, Garoppolo will need to be more than the guy who hands the ball off to Mostert-- and it's fair to wonder if he's up to the challenge."


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Barriers going to be broken in Miami. Niners offensive assistant Katie Sowers will become the first woman to coach in the Super Bowl 🙌 @brgridiron 

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Six years ago today, Richard Sherman had the tip against the Niners that sent the Seahawks to the Super Bowl. His late interception tonight sealed the 49ers’ trip to this year’s Super Bowl 🔥 @brgridiron 

Future performing Tony Montana before the Niners 2012 playoff game HYPED. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

JimmyGaroppolo is our leader and we will follow him into the darkest of dark.” Richard Sherman says the Niners have an obligation to fight for Jimmy G.

Did Lamar end the MVP race? ⬜️ Eight-game winning streak ⬜️ Leading NFL in touchdowns ⬜️ Wins over TB, Watson, Russ ⬜️ Beat vaunted Niners defense ⬜️ On pace to break Vick’s rushing record

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The Ravens and Niners are copying each others' TD celebrations 😂 (via @thecheckdown )

IF YA SMELLLL what the NINERS are cookin’.. 👏🏾👊🏾 a long hard road ahead, but 3-0 is a helluva start. Keep havin’ fun boys. #eastbay  #peopleschamp  #peoplestightend  @gkittle46  @49ers 

Niners tried to hit every celebration 💀 (via @thecheckdown )