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‘I came across some real professional talent at NHS Nightingale, and they were all so humble.’ Nurse Dorcas shares her day-in-the-life of #OurNHSPeople  working with #coronavirus  patients at @NightingaleLDN . 👩‍⚕️ 🏙️

Public health officials proposed radical lockdown of care homes last month to stem surging coronavirus deaths, including staff moving in for four weeks and deploying NHS Nightingale hospitals – but rejected by government.

Nightingale called after young child hit by car in Virginia Beach

Day in the Life: The NHS Nightingale Nurse Who Hasn't Seen Her Family in 5 Weeks

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The Retweet Train Show AFTER DARK presents Tony Anderson the Tiny Poet *TonyThePoett How can a peacock hide its tail Or a nightingale his song? How can I hide your love in my heart Or your name on my tongue? #micropoetry  #poem  *poetrycommunity *WritingCommunity LoveStory


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Inspired by Florence Nightingale, our hardworking nursing staff personify abundant compassion. Today, we also reiterate our commitment to keep working for welfare of nurses and devote greater attention to opportunities in this field so that there is no shortage of caregivers.

Happy Nurses’ Day! Today, on the 200th anniversary of FlorenceNightingale's birth, we want to say thank you to nursing staff everywhere. You are truly incredible. #NursesDay  💙

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Nightingale'>Florence Nightingale was one of the world’s first nursing heroes. 200 years after her birth her calls for hygiene are more relevant than ever #InternationalNursesDay  #NursesDay  #coronavirus 

It’s #InternationalNursesDay , the 200th anniversary of FlorenceNightingale’s birth! Today, we #SupportNursesAndMidwives  by celebrating their bravery, kindness & dedication 💐 Who is your favourite nurse?

I’ve been sent the criteria issued to doctors for those #covid19  patients who are allowed to be transferred from hospitals to the emergency Nightingale ones that have been set up all over the UK to increase intensive care capacity. And what they show is that...

London Excel owners charging NHS rent for Nightingale hospital estimated at £2m to £3m a month. Other centres are charging nothing. There is no crisis that can’t be exploited!

Army personnel including the Army Medical Services are working with #NHS  to help turn @ExCeLLondon  into NHS Nightingale hospital. It is expected to have 4,000 beds, with its first patients potentially arriving early next week. #InThisTogether  #CovidSupportForce  #Coronavirus 

"Bring me peace, sing me to sleep Say you'll be my nightingale" @DDLovato  #HitsOf2000s 

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. – Nightingale'>Earl Nightingale