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This Nigerian artist is on a mission to create hyper-realistic prosthetic limbs for black amputees.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said earlier this year he is not standing for reelection. CNN’s @StephanieBusari  said the move raises the question of whether he will be a lame duck president, or if he will accomplish key goals.

The Nigerian Pilot's chief executive sends Chinese people a message of cheer

There are more Nigerian speakers that have English as a first language than there are in Ireland, New Zealand, or Scotland, writes @JohnCampbellcfr 

But seriously as long as we’re talking about this we should be talking about the fake @Lis_Smith  ’s Nigerian sock puppet scandal, the funniest Extremely Online thing to happen in the 2020 cycle.

Throwback: ‘Daybreak in Udi’ was the first Nigerian language film to win an Oscar via @ynaija 

Kullu SP ,Gaurav Singh: Police have arrested two Nigerian nationals under NDPS (Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act) from Delhi. They were detained from Dwarka area of Delhi yesterday. They were not carrying valid travel documents. #HimachalPradesh 

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The Buttigieg campaign is now fundraising off the false claims that @Lis_Smith  was running a Nigerian sock puppet account on Twitter


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This Nigerian magician wants to be the best in the world.??‍♂️ 19-year-old, Babs Cardini wows audiences by performing tricks on the streets of Lagos. He showed us his most popular trick - turning objects into money.

These Nigerian teenagers are producing short sci-fi movies using a smart phone and other everyday items.

Using just a basic green screen, a group of Nigerian student filmmakers have created slick sci-fi short films #AfricaJournal 

Two sisters, who were joined in the chest and abdomen, have been successfully separated in a surgery by a 78-member team in a Nigerian hospital.

Emanuel Emenike, a Nigerian football player, divorced his wife who was a former Miss Nigeria 2017 to marry Miss Nigeria 2018.

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The Nigerian Army fatally opened fire on rock-throwing protestors this week. To justify their actions, they shared a video of a Donald Trump speech.

Extraordinary work by Nigerian artist Arinze Stanley. These are pencil drawings.

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This Nigerian rapper tweaked Childish Gambino's “This is America” and came up with this brilliant piece of satire.

The Nigerian duo says Jussie put them up to it. But did anyone put Jussie up to it? Who is Jussie’s mentor in these sleazy Alinskyite maneuvers? #JussieHoax 

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#BringBackOurGirls. We repeat call for immediate release of Nigerian school girls. RT to stand with #Nigeria !

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