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This newborn is taking her first look at the world in Niger. The first 1,000 days can shape a child’s future. That’s why the right nutrition, stimulation and care – or eat, play, love – are essential to a baby’s brain development. #EarlyMomentsMatter 

Niger’s government is intent on implicating the CMA in terrorism in Mali and Niger:

Many rendered homeless, several houses submerged in Niger flood – agency


Most relevant

Verified @gofundme  campaign to pay for college for the children of Sgt. La David T. Johnson, KIA in Niger.

If the NFL thing was about the flag & anthem, you’d be outraged when Trump doesn’t hold a hand over his heart & botches the words. If it was about troops, you’d be as pissed about Niger as about Benghazi. It’s not principle. It’s about control of brown bodies. Stop the bullshit.

Houston. Mumbai. Niger. All within the past week.

President Trump has not yet commented publicly on the four #GreenBerets  killed in an ambush in Niger Oct 4.

Senator McCain says Trump administration not being up front about Niger attack

I wish someone had asked the president if he could name the men who died in Niger.