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Nicolás Maduro has resisted all attempts to topple him and enjoys the support of Russia, China, Cuba and his own armed forces

Nicolas Maduro's illegitimate regime & his Cuban backers continue to hold six American oil workers hostage. These Americans are being held in Venezuela’s most notorious prison, wasting away like so many normal Venezuelans who suffer under Maduro’s rule.

Dec 10 is #HumanRightsDay  but in #Venezuela , #HumanRightsDefenders  are tortured & imprisoned for speaking out against Nicolas Maduro's corruption. #StandUp4HumanRights 

Why Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro and President Trump share much in common | Letters to the Editor

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On Monday, 16 national guardsmen who shocked Venezuela and the world alike by revolting against President Nicolás Maduro were safely out of the country.

AP Exclusive: Sixteen Venezuelan soldiers who took part in a failed uprising against Nicolas Maduro say they have fled the country after seven months in a foreign embassy.

Venezuelan troops that stunned their country and the world by revolting against Nicolás Maduro have fled the country after spending 7 months in hiding.

“Nicolás Maduro must go,” Vice President Mike Pence said in April. So why is the Venezuelan leader still there? 

Citing @hrw 's reporting thirty times, Brazil's grants asylum to 21,432 Venezuelans who had fled the repression and economic devastation caused by "man of the people" Nicolas Maduro's corrupt, self-serving rule.

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The White House is considering more aggressive strategies in Venezuela as Trump is losing confidence that opposition leader Juan Guaido can ever topple Nicolas Maduro’s regime


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Today, I visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem to pray for an end to Nicolás Maduro’s evil regime and genocide in #Venezuela .

THREAD: Some politicians and folks on the left in US, Europe and Latam wonder if what is happening in Venezuela is a coup against de facto Nicolas Maduro'>President Nicolas Maduro. Let’s use an analogy that might help.

Nicolás Maduro and his oppressive regime turn the arrival of life-saving aid for Venezuelans into a clash of violence. Read 's statement on letting humanitarian aid into Venezuela: #EstamosUnidosVE 

I wish Nicolas Maduro and his top advisors a long, quiet retirement, living on a nice beach somewhere far from Venezuela. They should take advantage of President Guaido’s amnesty and move on. The sooner the better.

I urge Nicolás Maduro to allow humanitarian aid inside Venezuela’s borders peacefully. People are in need of life-saving medicines, children are subsisting on one meal a day, and a peaceful delivery of food and supplies is to the benefit of all.

President Trump has made clear to Nicolas Maduro and those around him, “all options are on the table.”

Nicolas Maduro has not called Presidential elections within 8 day limit we have set. So UK alongside European allies now recognises as interim constitutional president until credible elections can be held. Let’s hope this takes us closer to ending humanitarian crisis

BREAKING: Global Affairs Canada tells CBC News that Canada will recognize Juan Guaido as the new president of Venezuela. The opposition leader took an oath in Caracas a short time ago, declaring himself acting president and saying Nicolas Maduro has been deposed.

Venezuela attorney has already sued Hugo Chavez in international courts – now he’s speaking out on NicolasMaduro’s CRIMINALITY telling me exclusively, “The Maduro regime is basically the biggest drug cartel in the entire western hemisphere.” #TrishRegan 

Bernie Sanders has no trouble calling President Trump an authoritarian, but still can’t bring himself to call Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro a “dictator,” even as he’s blocking humanitarian aid from getting to starving people. That my friend is today's Democrat party.