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As for the rest of the #NewYearHonours, I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason why it's now Sir Nick 'Tuition Fees' Clegg & not Sir Kenny Dalglish, wondrous footballer & man who helped heal a whole city - right?
Because I'm really struggling to identify a single ****ing one.
Walk onto holborn tube escalator. Man shouts ' oh my god it's Nick Clegg'... Hmmm not exactly
.@Nick_Clegg, austerity is a political choice you made which has affected people's lives across our country.
Three party leaders Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg & Nigel Farage all resign within an hour #GE2015
REMINDER: As Nick ‘I’ll axe tuition fees’ Clegg gets knighted.. none of the SAS heroes on the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege mission received any honour at all.
"I haven't seen any of them, but..."

Nick Clegg on fear of immigrants.
Nick Clegg launches passionate attack on former Coalition partners & their relationship with press during the Brexit debate in Parliament.
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MUST WATCH: It's fair to say that our 'extraordinary' @piersmorgan rattled @nick_clegg's cage this morning
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One can confirm that Nick Clegg has been made a Pantomime Dame in the #NewYearsHonours #OhYesHeHas
Few did as much to undermine young people's faith in politics in Nick Clegg. Tonight, young people struck back. #Election2017
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