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I was woken from an intense anxiety dream this morning (luckily in time to see two of my daughters’ get prizes at assembly). I was outdoors doing media (for some reason) & I saw Nick Clegg in a radio car & I went & confronted him Alan Johnson style & it was caught on camera! 🤬🤔

#politicaladventcalendar  Day 9: He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. Maybe you shouldn't have given Nick Clegg access to your Facebook account.

I almost forgot nick clegg is zuck’s bitch. I don’t know why but I find that deeply amusing

@Lifelandlady  @Irr_Orbit 😆 @joswinson 👍🏼 Great to see Jo pull a decent pint. Nick Clegg had a go at one of my locals back in 2009/10 (it was a bit flat..! 🤔😂)

I mean, seriously, it's fine but I think the Question Time format, which allowed for proper half hour scrutiny of each leader, was better. There will be no better TV debate than the 2010 Nick Clegg one.

Facebook's Nick Clegg pushes back on demands to limit or fact-check political ads

Should Facebook impose limits on political ads? Nick Clegg, the company's chief lobbyist, says no

“In the core seats that he is targeting his message of stronger sentences… plays very effectively.” Former Theresa May speech writer, Chris Wilkins, and former special adviser to Nick Clegg, Polly McKenzie, discuss the political reaction to the London Bridge terror attack.


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As for the rest of the #NewYearHonours , I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason why it's now Sir Nick 'Tuition Fees' Clegg & not Sir Kenny Dalglish, wondrous footballer & man who helped heal a whole city - right? Because I'm really struggling to identify a single ****ing one.

Walk onto holborn tube escalator. Man shouts ' oh my god it's Nick Clegg'... Hmmm not exactly

Nick Clegg launches passionate attack on former Coalition partners & their relationship with press during the Brexit debate in Parliament.

@Nick_Clegg , austerity is a political choice you made which has affected people's lives across our country.

Out of interest, did a single Remainer challenge this at the time? Nick Clegg? Tony Blair? Gina Miller? Anyone?

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MUST WATCH: It's fair to say that our 'extraordinary' @piersmorgan  rattled @nick_clegg 's cage this morning

Five years ago Nick Clegg promised to scrap tuition fees but he then trebled them. I’ve said I will cut tuition fees. I won’t break my word.

Worth remembering that the only thing stopping British politics from tipping into this madness 5 years ago was Nick Clegg.

52 minutes, three resignations: 11.22am - Nigel Farage quits 11.34am - Nick Clegg quits 12.14pm - Ed Miliband quits #GE2015