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If you are looking to read a book that is an example of “attention to detail” then I recommend ‘The Mezzanine’ by Nicholson Baker. (H/t @MissLiberty  for bringing it to my attention)

The Word Pretty by Wow. I haven’t felt this way about a book since first reading Nicholson Baker. On my list with Mezzanine, Eunoia, & Moby Dick. If she were writing this she’d have smarter stuff to say than “great,” but this is me. Read it!

"I woke up thinking a very pleasant thought. There is lots left in the world to read." — Nicholson Baker

Today's travel read. I love Nicholson Baker's writing so so much! His prose--which is equal…

“I gave myself a new deadline: Do something your child might be able to read when she grows up.” —Nicholson Baker


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