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On final play, Newtown wins state football title on anniversary of Sandy Hook massacre

Newtown High School football team wins championship on seventh anniversary of deadly shooting

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A thrilling state football title is helping to dilute some grief in Newtown, Connecticut, on the seventh anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.​

Newtown High School wins its first state high school football title in 27 years! 🏈

Football championship dilutes grief on Newtown anniversary

Newtown High school wins state title on anniversary of 2012 Sandy Hook massacre Both the Newtown High Nighthawks and their loyal fans honored the Sandy Hook victims by sporting green face paint seven years to the day.

Football championship dilutes grief on Newtown anniversary

Newtown High School wins football state championship on anniversary of Sandy Hook shooting

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Newtown (Conn.) wins state championship on anniversary of Sandy Hook shooting

Football title dilutes grief on Newtown shooting anniversary


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On the seven-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy, Newtown high school won the state championship on a last-second touchdown 🙏 (via @McFarland_Shawn )

On the 7th anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting, Newtown High School scored a last-second touchdown to win the state title. (via @McFarland_Shawn )

WARNING: Graphic language. This woman was upset with @BetoORourke  making a campaign stop in Newtown tonight. We'll have more on the event tonight on the News at 10pm

Charlotte Daniel Rachel Olivia Josephine Ana Dylan Dawn Madeleine Catherine Chase Jesse James Grace Anne Emilie Jack Noah Caroline Jessica Avielle Lauren Mary Victoria Benjamin Allison 5 years after Newtown, Congress has failed to confront gun violence.

Thank you to the great crowd of supporters in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Get out & VOTE on 11/8/16. Lets #MAGA ! Watch:…

A blockbuster story from . New depositions show how Alex Jones promoted Newtown conspiracy theories, including one that baselessly claimed Avielle Richman, a first-grader killed at Sandy Hook, was still alive. Her father killed himself this week.

To my colleagues - you’re blind if you don’t see what’s going on. Your unconscionable silence in the face of Newtown Orlando Las Vegas Parkland Pittsburgh is interpreted as endorsement by madmen contemplating mass violence. None of it is inevitable. WE CAN STOP ALL THIS.

The students of Detroit. The students of Chicago. The students of Oakland. The students of Parkland. The students of Ferguson. The students of Newtown. The students of Baltimore. The students of New Orleans. The students of New York City. We march for you. #MarchForOurLives 

Here's a start: universal background checks (Columbine); ban assault weapons (Newtown etc); fix NICS (Sutherland Springs); ban bump stocks (Las Vegas). I've got more.

Today, people in Newtown are making the #sandyhookpromise  to reduce gun violence. Sign the pledge with me at