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BREAKING: The Democrat Governor of Nevada has BANNED use of the anti-malaria drug to treat the Coronavirus. Even after the drug showed potentially positive results. UnrealDemocrats are playing political games, while American lives are on the line.

Democrats Are EVIL Nevada's Democrat Governor Issues Emergency Order Barring Use of Anti-Malaria Drugs For Coronavirus Patients

Nevada’s Democrat Governor Issues Emergency Order Barring Use of Effective Anti-Malaria Drugs For Coronavirus Patients: Ask yourself, what's the Democrats end game here?

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Joe Biden, who has struggled to win over Latinos in primary losses to Bernie Sanders in California and Nevada — and even in victory in Texas — is up double-digits with Hispanic Democrats in Florida, according to a new poll.

NEW--Sanders had a week after Nevada to send signals to mainstream Democrats that he wasn't the characterization that his critics had drawn. He didn't do it--maybe couldn't do it--and that's why he's now in this place

The Vermont senator’s strong showing in Iowa, Nevada, and New Hampshire last month panicked some Democrats who fear nominating a self-declared socialist who wants to raise taxes and eliminate private health insurance would be a disaster in November.

After Sanders won Nevada, I saw a lot of tweets from Republicans about how the Democrats were embracing socialism. Now that Biden is having a good night, I expect the same.

Democrats were panicking about low turnout in Iowa, then turnout was good in New Hampshire, then middling in Nevada, then huge in South Carolina:

Won’t get much airplay tonight but majority of S Carolina Democrats favour Medicare-for-all according to exit poll. Ditto in Iowa, New Hamp and Nevada. Evidence suggests it’s a policy the base supports.


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Are any Democrat operatives, the DNC, or Crooked Hillary Clinton, blaming Russia, Russia, Russia for the Bernie Sanders win in Nevada. If so I suggest calling Bob Mueller & the 13 Angry Democrats to do a new Mueller Report, Democrat Edition. Bob will get to the bottom of it!

Democrats in the Great State of Nevada (Which, because of the Economy, Jobs, the Military & Vets, I will win in November), be careful of Russia, Russia, Russia. According to Corrupt politician Adam “Shifty” Schiff, they are pushing for Crazy Bernie Sanders to win. Vote!

THANK YOU Las Vegas, Nevada! I was delighted to be back in a state I love, with proud, hardworking PATRIOTS. With your help, this November, we are going to defeat the Radical Socialist Democrats, and we are going to win Nevada in a landslide! #KAG2020 

The entrance polls in Nevada show Bernie Sanders winning men and women, whites and Latinos, voters 17-29, 30-44 and 45-65, those with college degrees and those without, liberal Democrats (by a lot) and moderate/conservatives (narrowly), union and non-union households.

I wrote about @elizabethforma ’s debate performance in Nevada, one for the ages, and why her eviscera @MikeBloombergion  of should be so meaningful as Democrats continue to select a nominee. “Should be” being the operative words there. My lat @RollingStonest  for .

While Democrats battle it out in Nevada today, here’s the results @realDonaldTrump  has delivered in NV over the past 3 yrs: *128,000+ new Nevada jobs *NV unemployment rate has hit 3.8%, tying a record low *Lifted over 12,000 Nevadans out of poverty & over 22,000 off food stamps

Since Trump took office, Democrats have flipped governorships in Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, Illinois, Maine, Wisconsin, Michigan, and now, Virginia and Kentucky. The people have had enough.

When Trump took office 34 governors were Republicans, 16 were Democrats, 1 was Independent. Dems have since flipped Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Wisconsin—& now Kentucky. Come January, there will be 26 GOP governors & 24 Democrats.

The two Senate seats Democrats picked up — Nevada and now Arizona — were the two states President Trump did not visit during his final sprint of rallies. Could he have saved them by rallying his base one more time? A top GOP official tells me: “No. They lost because of him.”