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We made the right decision on net-neutrality in 2017, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai says. “Judging from all the commentary on Twitter, no one is being held back from expressing their views.”

Latest #netneutrality  news could be better for those who support an open Internet

This @BuzzFeedNews  piece connects dots about the millions of comments submitted to the FCC around netneutrality. The New Way To Hack Democracy: How Political Operators Are Impersonating Real Americans To Flood The Government With Fake Comments via @jsvine 

Federal court upholds repeal of #NetNeutrality  — but offers some exceptions:

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Federal court rules that FCC had the right to dump net-neutrality rules, but couldn't bar states from passing their own

US Court: FCC had the right to dump net-neutrality rules

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Between Congress once again quietly giving up on federal privacy legislation and today’s court ruling opening room for state net-neutrality regulation, it increasingly appears we’re pivoting to an Articles of Confederation approach to tech policy.


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This is the end of the internet as we know it. In Congress and in the courts we must fight back. #NetNeutrality 

#NetNeutrality allowed me to invent the web without having to ask for permission. Let's keep the internet open!

We just lost an important battle in the war for an open internet. But that war is far from over. #netneutrality 

Tomorrow, the @FCC  will vote to kill #NetNeutrality  rules. We must fight to keep the Internet open and free to all.

Netflix supports strong #NetNeutrality . We oppose the FCC's proposal to roll back these core protections.

Please read my statement on the FCC's vote to end #NetNeutrality . The fight is NOT OVER 🚨

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Here are the 47 Senators that voted “NO” on #NetNeutrality . Vote them out.

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The internet is a powerful tool because it’s free and open, without fast lanes and slow lanes. We need #NetNeutrality  so it stays that way.