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Before he was Norman Spear, hate group founder and possible Russian asset Rinaldo Nazzaro was just another Jersey boy. @benjwallace  reports on the prep-school past of the founder of neo-Nazi group the Base 

Inside the prep-school past of Rinaldo Nazzaro, founder of neo-Nazi group the Base. @benjwallace  reports

"Neo-Nazi accelerationist Telegram channels have increased their calls for destabilisation and violence related to #COVID-19 ." - Joshua Fisher-Birch, researcher

#FBI agents have killed an extremist who was plotting to use a car bomb to blow up a hospital in #Missouri  amid the #COVID-19  outbreak, @washingtonpost  reported March 26. Unconfirmed reports indicate the individual had ties to several neo-Nazi groups.

@SaraAWilson3  @GovHowardDeanHey  you imbecile, Julian Assange isn't an American, and therefore he can't be an "American traitor. " Also, Assange isn't our source for anything. And you're a neo-Nazi who despises racial and religious minorities and LGBTs.

FBI Agents Kill 'Neo-Nazi' Who Blamed Jews For COVID-19 - @FOX2now ⁩

Another trial collapsed because of coronavirus It was of a 16-year-old boy, accused of being a neo-Nazi, charged with preparing acts of terrorism and six counts of collecting terrorist information The jury was discharged on Tuesday and a retrial will be scheduled

Social media posts by a neo-Nazi group viewed by Motherboard shows them gloating about flyers and claiming that the group impersonated Extinction Rebellion in the past.


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It’s wild that a neo Nazi unfurling a swastika flag at the rally of a Jewish presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, gets less media coverage and fewer think pieces and panel discussions than the online behaviour of the so-called Bernie Bros.

Someone was murdered at a Neo-Nazi rally today. That happened. In America. In 2017. It's time to make clear where we stand – all of us.

Two years ago in Charlottesville, a neo-Nazi drove a car into a crowd of people protesting white supremacy and killed Heather Heyer. May we honor her memory by speaking out against hatred, as she did, and working together to defeat it.

A neo-Nazi was jailed for life last week after being found guilty of plotting to murder the Labour MP, Rosie Cooper. We seem to have become a country where there would have been more horror & outrage if he'd thrown a milkshake at her.

"For the first time since the Second World War we have a domestic, proscribed terrorist group. It's right-wing, it's neo-Nazi, it's proudly white supremacist." The Met's former counter-terrorism chief says Britain hasn't "woken up" to the extreme right-wing #newsnight 

You say there are good people on both sides of a neo-Nazi rally. Suggest that immigrants are all murders, rapists and gang members. Praise a politician who assaulted a reporter. And it’s CNN’s fault someone sent them a bomb? We know you have no decency, but have you no shame?

Muslim man who stockpiled weapons & bomb material freed on bond. Just kidding it was a white neo-Nazi named Brandon.

to suggest that neo-Nazi/white supremacist groups are comparable to, say, Black Lives Matter is immoral, stupid and sick

HE HAS A NAME: Army 2nd LT + Bowie State student Richard Collins III was stabbed to death by a Neo-Nazi on Saturday. May he rest in peace.

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