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During Partition, refugees were exchanged. The Nehru-Liaquat Pact happened in 1950 in which both countries promised to take care of its minorities: Home Minister Shri@AmitShah 

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#Breaking | Sadhvi Prachi’s shocking remark on Nehru'>Jawaharlal Nehru creates a controversy. Sadhvi Prachi has crossed the line & called Jawaharlal Nehru a ‘rapist’. TIMES NOW’s Amir Haque with details. Listen in.

Delhi: Nehru University'>Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students march from JNU campus to Rashtrapati Bhawan seeking to meet President over fee hike issue.

#Breaking | Shameful comment by VHP leader. Sadhvi Prachi crosses the line & calls Nehru'>Jawaharlal Nehru a ‘rapist’. TIMES NOW’s Amir Haque with details. Listen in.

Many great leaders including Nehru'>Jawaharlal Nehru & Manmohan Singh have told we must have a liberal approach for the persecuted minorities: @Shehzad_Ind , Lawyer over the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill that’ll be tabled by the NDA Govt in the Parliament today.

Responding to criticism of the #CitizenshipAmendmentBill  from political parties, Ram Madhav said a similar legislation, ‘Immigrants (Expulsion from Assam)’ Act, was enacted in 1950 by the then #Congress  government led by Nehru'>Jawaharlal Nehru.

Vatican Church has been given the status by Nehru of a State. Vatican has an Embassy in Delhi’s Chanakyapuri. Yet Ativan decides who in India will Bishops and Archbishops!! Gross interference

Delhi: Students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) carry out a protest march with torches, inside the University Campus, demanding the complete rollback of hostel manual and fee hike.


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Tributes to our former PM Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on his birth anniversary.

PUCCA CHOR (PC) calls the wiping out Nehru’s folly of Article 370 as a fatal legal error. But he won’t disclose what it is. What a liar!! A crook on route to jail will have plenty of time to read the Constitution as resident of Tihar

Congi howling about Nehru Museum Board re constitution leaving them all out. Did Congi govt not remove me from my professorship at IIT after inviting me to leave Harvard and teach at IIT? Law of Karma hurts for past sins

Nehru & India Gandhi in the US in 1954. Look at the hugely enthusiastic spontaneous turnout of the American public, without any special PR campaign, NRI crowd management or hyped-up media publicity.

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To take back PoK we need first to withdraw the illegal Nehru petition to UNSC in 1947 Dec. The LoC then becomes illegal and thus Indian forces can cross over. Muzzafarabad is easy to take. So too Skardu

Gumnami Baba as Netaji keeps popping up. It was a plot to engineered by Nehru with the help of his IB Chief Malik, to hide the fact that Nehru, Attlee and Stalin together conspired to kill Bose when he arrived in Soviet Union in August 24th 1945 or thereabouts to seek refuge.

I appeal to , NCC, NSS, Nehru Yuva Kendra and to help increase voter awareness and tap the power of society for democracy.

Now Namo Govt must withdraw the Petition filed by Nehru in the UNSC seeking UN intervention in Kashmir. The Petition was filed without Cabinet approval hence illegal

Next step of Namo Govt should be to declare the Nehru Petition to UN on Kashmir as null and void since it was without Cabinet approval and violative of the then Constitution of 1935 on the Instrument of Accession signed by the Maharaja on Oct 26 1947

The Namo citing Virat misuse recalls for me the case of my father in law J.D. Kapadia ICS who as Defence Secy in the 1950s refused to give Airforce plane to ferry one of Nehru’s European mistresses. Of course he was transferred and next Secy okayed. Thus the decline be began